Our Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

. . . We develop the mind, nurture curiosity, welcome challenge, embrace joy, and build community that is equitable and inclusive.

— From the Maret School Mission Statement
As we continue to learn from one another, ongoing discussion and self-reflection is essential. All od Maret’s faculty is expected to embrace and be responsible for an excellent education for each and everyone of its students, as well as an inclusive and equitable campus environment. 

History of the Diversity Task Force at Maret


In our Strategic Plan of 2007, there are clear objectives to 1) encourage more socioeconomic diversity, 2) increase diversity in our student body to represent a broader range of ethnic, religious, and racial backgrounds, 3) foster a school environment in which all members of the school community feel respected, safe, included, and valued, and 4) attract and retain an excellent and diverse faculty. Since that time, we have intentionally increased:

  • Our Financial Aid budgets from 12.5% to 16.6% of gross tuition income
  • The number of students receiving aid from 18% to 23%
  • The number of students of color from 32% to 42%
  • The number of faculty of color from 17% to 30%
At the June 2009 Administrative Retreat, there emerged a commitment to ensure that the following year’s theme, “Giving Voice,” would deepen and strengthen diversity initiatives. Marjo Talbott (Head of School) asked Holly Hinderlie (Director of Counseling) to form a small task force to help shape and lead initiatives for the following year. Dr. Hinderlie invited Eliza Alexander (Spanish Teacher and Director of Service Learning) and Angel Nash (Lower School homeroom teacher) to work with her. In August, with outside experts and information gathered from interviewing alumni of color, they developed a day-long faculty workshop and organized throughout that year vehicles to continue the conversation.

Given the successes of their efforts, Ms. Talbott decided to create a standing committee that would include teachers from all three divisions as well as administrators responsible for certain areas of school life. The Diversity Task Force would steer the community with respect to diversity initiatives. Although many schools have a single diversity coordinator, Ms. Talbott believes that such a model can be limiting and that all the school leaders need to embrace and be responsible for diversity initiatives. Everyone in the school community should be a diversity practitioner.


  • to have a forum in which equity issues in the community (i.e., parents, faculty, and students) are processed,
  • to plan for diversity programming in each division,
  • to ensure substantive diversity education for Maret faculty,
  • to coordinate efforts with our parents,
  • to support forums for open and sustained diversity dialogue in the Maret community,
  • to chart a future course for the School regarding equity and inclusion programming and initiatives.

Program & Initiatives

A number of programs are rooted into our annual calendar: Meet, Eat & Greet, National Coming Out Day, Day of Silence, MLK Assemblies, Culture Club, and Mixed Forum.  The DTF might not be the ones who organize each event but it is responsible for ensuring that each is well planned and well executed.

Below are specific new programs the Task Force oversaw in 2013-14

  • Maret's Administrative Team and later the faculty reviewed and discussed the Achievement Assessment done by mathematics teacher Eric Heilman during the summer Case Institute initiative. The group began to discuss areas that may cause achievement gaps for Maret's African American students. Conversations continued throughout the year and teachers participated in conferences to research ways in which other independent schools are addressing similar issues.
  • Affinity groups for LGBT, Asian, and Hispanic students were added to the school program. Student feedback indicates that the groups have been very helpful.
  • American Promise was shown first to the faculty in two installments with thoughtful small group discussions; in January 250 parents and students viewed the film and then were treated to an insightful panel discussion comprised of two African American parents and an African American Alumnus.
  • The Student Council sponsored an Upper School Town Hall meeting about Religion at Maret.
  • Maret created a second successful Maret Parents Association Diversity Committee event called “Table Talk,” where parents of color shared the best ways to navigate Maret and the school's programs.
  • Associate Director of Middle School Admission and Social Media Manager Patrick Scott presented to the faculty the history of the Gay Movement and then shared his own personal history.
  • Guidelines for outside speakers were developed to ensure that they understand Maret expectations to foster an equitable and inclusive community.
  • Director of Counseling Holly Hinderlie, Assistant Head Susan Epps, and PE teacher and coach Antoine Williams interviewed Maret's African American seniors to learn more about their school experience. Many of the students also shared their observations with Head of School Marjo Talbott.

In addition to these new initiatives, two more sessions of Deepening the Discussion About​ Race were conducted over the summer as part of the Case Institute for Curricular Excellence and Innovation.

Diversity Task Force Members 2014-2015

  • Chair : Marjo Talbott, Head of School
  • Eliza Alexander, Director of Service Learning
  • Susan Epps, Assistant Head: Faculty Development and Special Programs
  • Jua Fluellen, Middle School Science
  • Kali Haney, Lower School Art
  • Holly Hinderlie, Director of Counseling
  • Christina Kyong, Director of Middle School
  • Steve Rogers, Band Director
  • Patrick Scott, Director of Middle School Admissions & Social Media

Diversity Task Force Members 2013-2014

  • Chair : Marjo Talbott, Head of School
  • Eliza Alexander, Director of Service Learning
  • Susan Epps, Assistant Head of School: Faculty Development and Special Programs
  • Jennifer Groppe, Upper School Science
  • Holly Hinderlie, Director of Counseling
  • Monique Lidel, Davies Scholars Program
  • Angel Nash, Lower School Homeroom Teacher
  • Patrick Scott, Associate Director of MS Admission and Social Media Manager
Students, parents and faculty members discuss last year's Mixed Forum topic.
Students, parents and faculty members discuss last year's Mixed Forum topic.

Maret Parents Association Diversity Committee Mission

The mission of the Maret Parents Association (MPA) Diversity Committee is to assist Maret School in fulfilling its commitment to support and celebrate a diverse and vibrant school community. The MPA Diversity Committee is open to all Maret parents and embraces all forms of diversity, including race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion and socio-economic status.

The MPA Diversity Committee creates and supports a variety of opportunities for open and constructive dialogue among Maret parents, school administration, and students that help foster a school environment where everyone feels respected, safe, included, and valued.