Maret Parents Association

From the moment your child enters Maret, you become part of a dynamic community. Every parent is a member of the Maret Parents Association (MPA) and together we help keep Maret strong and vibrant.

MPA Executive Committee 2016-17

The MPA has opportunities for every schedule and interest. We look forward to the energy, new ideas, and talents you bring to the Maret parent community!

The MPA strengthens the connection between home and school and enhances the educational experience for every child at Maret by:

  • Facilitating volunteer-led activities and events that build bonds and enrich our school
  • Supporting teachers and staff
  • Fostering communication among parents, and between parents and the school
  • Sponsoring educational speakers and programs for parents
  • Supporting the Scholarship Auction and other fundraisers

Maret Volunteers

Time and Talent

The vast majority of Maret parents and guardians give of their time, talents, and resources to benefit the School. This tradition of volunteering is fostered by the MPA, which provides opportunities for all parents to be involved with our community.


Parent volunteers are vital to our School community. There is an activity for every schedule and every skill. The following is a sample of our volunteer opportunities.

  • After Prom Party
  • Annual Fund
  • Arts Committee
  • Class Activities
  • Class Representatives
  • Community Service/Service Learning
  • Diversity Committee
  • Email List Moderators
  • Fete Champetre
  • Homecoming
  • Library Volunteers
  • MPA Nominating Committee
  • Parent Ambassadors

MPA Diversity Committee

The MPA Diversity Committee assists Maret in fulfilling its commitment to support and celebrate a diverse and vibrant school community. The Diversity Committee is open to all Maret parents and embraces all forms of diversity, including race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion and socio-economic status.

The Committee creates and supports a variety of opportunities for open and constructive dialogue among Maret parents, school administration, and students that help foster a campus where everyone feels respected, safe, included and valued.

MPA Arts Committee

The MPA Arts Committee brings parents together to help connect our students and families to the multitude of arts experiences in the Washington area. The Committee also provides a forum for parents to share information about exhibits, performances, and educational opportunities.

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