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Younger and older students on floor working together
four students on the floor doing a project and looking at camera
Teacher and student looking through a kaleidescope
three students interacting in an art studio
student showing artwork to others

What's Happening

Our campus is humming with activity. We're so glad to have everyone back! Check out what we're up to.

At Our Core

“To Learn Is To Live” is more than a motto at Maret—it’s a mindset—because we believe that a curious mind is a joyful mind.

We challenge students to experiment and think creatively—and we delight in their discoveries along the way.

student in art room painting

A solid respect for one’s self is essential to forming meaningful, trusting relationships. Our faculty serve as mentors and teach our students to do what is right even when it’s hard.

three students and a teacher discussing

Maret is intentional about building strong connections in our community because we know that when students feel a sense of belonging, they thrive.

three students conducting a physics experiment

It’s why we learn. You’ll find joy in our welcoming community, in our school traditions, in the hallways, on the playing fields, and in our classrooms.

middle schooler showing research board

Define Yourself

Small school. Big opportunities. At Maret, you’ll explore your interests, try new things, and be part of something bigger than yourself.

What sets us apart

Co- and extracurricular activities across divisions
Students learning together in one, close-knit community
Courses offered in the upper school curriculum and through MSON
two students building with LEGOS

Athlete? Thespian? Or Engineer?

At Maret, you don’t have to know what direction you’ll take in life or fit into someone else’s expectation of who you should be. You’ll have so many opportunities to try new things, make discoveries about who you are, and be part of something bigger than yourself—whether that’s a sports team, a social action initiative, or Cheese and Tea Club. The best learning experiences are never in a straight line. Whether you come to Maret in kindergarten, Middle School, or ninth grade, our wide array of co- and extracurriculars mean that you’ll never run out of things to explore and ways to stretch and grow.

three middle and lower school students together

Going Far, Going Together

For more than 100 years, students of all grades have learned together on Maret’s campus. We foster meaningful interactions between older and younger students that strengthen our close-knit community. It's a hallmark of Maret’s K–12 experience. Highlights of the year include the day that WOMPers (Waves, Optics, and Musical Physics students) present an interactive lesson to our kindergartners; the eighth grade carnival organized for lower schoolers; programs like Reading Buddies and Math Buddies; the Middle School House system; and the all-school sing in December. And these are just a few of the ways that Maret students connect with one another throughout the school year. We can’t wait to resume our cross-divisional activities when all students are vaccinated.

TV monitor showing Zoom call

Connecting with Students Across the Country

Maret is one of 28 schools in the country, and the only school in Washington, DC, to be a member of the Malone Schools Online Network (MSON), which offers a variety of online courses taught by experts to highly motivated high school students. These courses span the humanities, social sciences, STEM, and world languages and augment Maret’s own innovative upper school curriculum. The program’s commitment to excellence, college-level classes, and small class sizes are among the benefits of MSON, but Maret students say that one of the biggest highlights is building relationships and learning from students across the country.


Maret is a K–12, college-prep, co-ed day school in Washington, DC.
Children playing with a ball on a sunny day

Lower School

K - 4

Class reading a history book

Middle School

5 - 8

two girls studying in the atrium

Upper School

9 - 12

Master complex problems. Make mistakes. Dare to think differently. 

Teacher showing students eggs from different birds
Take the stage. Pick up a brush or a camera or a piece of clay. Make a statement.
students on stage as Juliet and her Nurse

Join a team. Play hard. Feel the spirit!

differentiator three

Define yourself. Empathize with others. Know that you count.

Teacher and student getting to know each other