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families and students walk onto campus

Who We Are

Maret School is an independent, college-preparatory day school in Washington, DC. We have 650 students in grades K-12.

There is a palpable sense of energy and purpose at Maret. From kindergarten to high school, students delve into their studies under the guidance of experienced and inspired teachers. With the school’s core values providing a firm foundation, students have every opportunity to learn, grow, and find their path to success. 

Our School Values

student painting
Excellence & Creativity

We encourage our students to be bold, make mistakes, and master complex problems. We challenge students to experiment and think creatively—and we delight in their discoveries along the way.

Working side-by-side with brilliant, supportive faculty, Maret students are inspired to work hard, experiment, and think both creatively and analytically as they tackle our challenging curriculum, express themselves in the arts, or face an opponent on the playing field.


three students discussing a prompt in class
Respect & Integrity

Developing strong moral character goes hand in hand with achievement in academics.

Maret’s exceptional teachers help students practice reflection and self-evaluation, and are responsive to each student’s interests, learning styles, and goals. They create responsive classroom environments that promote healthy debate and discussion, in which students can share their own beliefs and explore divergent viewpoints.


An older and younger student in lower school reading on the lawn
The Individual & Connectedness

When students have a strong sense of self and are part of a strong community, they develop the desire and ability to stand with others and improve the world around them.

Maret's K–12 wellness program supports students' growth in these areas by focusing on identity, social-emotional learning, mental health, digital citizenship, physical health, and sexuality.

We encourage students to create vital, active partnerships on our campus, in our neighborhoods, and around the globe. From environmental stewardship to issues of equity and social justice, we empower and prepare students to effect positive, transformative change.

Student smiling sitting with friends along lockers

Joy is woven into every aspect of school life. We work hard and play hard, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously!

Maret teachers tap into their students’ innate curiosity and spur them on to pursue meaning and connection across a host of academic courses and extracurricular activities. Students feel the thrill of discovery and sense of accomplishment when they try something new or reach their goal.

We also make time for play and feel the joy of coming together as a community. Homecoming festivities, the Fête de Champêtre, Spring Fling, and Faculty Fun Day are just a few beloved traditions that bring out our Maret spirit.

Come, take a tour, learn more — we can't wait to share our community with you!

School Profile by the Numbers


Student to Teacher Ratio


Average number of students per class.


Minute walk from two Metro Stations


Students in the School


Students in Lower School (K–4)


Students in Middle School (5–8)


Students in Upper School (9–12)

  Community At-a-Glance
58% Of students are from DC
32% Of students are from MD
10% Of students are from VA
53% Of students identify as People of Color
98% Retention rate for Students
25% Families receive financial aid

Of faculty identify as People of Color


Of faculty have been at Maret for more than 10 years


Of faculty have master's or doctorate degrees


Faculty are also Alumni

We can't wait to share our community with you!