Code of Conduct-OLD

All adults employed by Maret School – without exception – are considered part of the “faculty.” We all have different roles and responsibilities; however, each employee is responsible for “teaching” and for respecting our students. Everyone is expected to fulfill the School’s Mission and support our Philosophy Statement.

Every employee should understand that, as covered in more detail by the Maret Faculty Resource Guide:

  1. The best interest of students should always be our highest priority;
  2. Adults should set appropriate limits and maintain healthy boundaries in their relationships with both students and co-workers;
  3. Maret employees should be solid role models;
  4. It is never acceptable for Maret employees to have sexual or romantic relationships with students, use alcohol or drugs of any kind with students, or partake in any illegal conduct; and
  5. Maret employees should immediately communicate any concerns about misconduct or conduct that is inconsistent with these standards to the Head of School’s office.

Every employee is required to read the Maret Faculty Resource Guide and is trained annually about appropriate boundaries and responsibilities.

School Response to Bullying/Harassment

Bullying/harassment behavior includes physical or verbal threats, teasing, or intimidation that occurs repeatedly over time and that humiliates, degrades, or otherwise damages a student’s physical, emotional, or psychological well-being.

Everyone in the Maret community is expected to address issues of bullying/harassment—verbal, physical, sexual, or electronic—in a timely manner, either by confronting the bully/harasser in question directly or by seeking help and guidance from a knowledgeable and trusted adult. The School is committed to a thorough investigation of bullying/harassment issues and will address these issues directly.