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COVID Updates

Maret seeks to maintain appropriate health and safety standards while providing an excellent education for students and supporting its dedicated faculty. The School relies on updated guidance from government and public health officials in setting these standards. Our community’s wellbeing is a responsibility we all share. Fulfilling this responsibility, both on and off campus, is crucial for the health and safety of our community.

Health and Safety Guidelines

These Guidelines are subject to change based on evolving guidance from CDC, the FDA, DC Health, and the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE). Please check back for updates.

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covid Dashboard
Members of the Maret community can access the School's COVID Dashboard to track the School's COVID numbers. 

What To Do If You Have Symptoms
This flowchart provides more detailed information for those experiencing COVID-like symptoms.


Understandably, this pandemic has caused a great deal of anxiety, fear, and stress, but it is important that we not allow those feelings to lead to social stigma. Blaming those who have had the disease, instead of the disease itself, does not help our community, and can, in fact, cause harm if people become more likely to hide symptoms or avoid reporting illness. In addition, we should all respect the choice that each individual makes in regards to their mask preference. Standing together means taking good care of one another in word and in deed.

We all share in the responsibility to prevent the continuation of social stigma associated with COVID. These are two helpful resources: "Social Stigma Associated with COVID-19" (UNICEF) and "Countering COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Stigma and Racism: Tips for Parents and Caregivers" (NASP).

More Resources for Our Community

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