Neighborhood Connections

Maret was founded in 1911 in Washington, D.C. and since 1952, has enjoyed its beautiful location in Woodley Park at 3000 Cathedral Avenue. As stewards of the historic Woodley property, we seek to live our Mission as a K-12 school in the Nation’s Capital, respect our neighbors, and welcome community partnerships.

Welcome, Neighbors

We welcome our neighbors to enjoy our campus and invite you to join us for community-wide events such as our annual Fête Champêtre or artistic and performing arts events throughout the year.

Maret Neighbors Email List

Join our new Maret Neighbors Email List to stay abreast of upcoming events or announcements from the School. Please send your email, name, home address to

To contact us with questions, concerns, or comments you can reach Assistant Head for Finance and Operations Bill Hodgetts at 202-939-8821;

School Traffic

We also hope to be good neighbors and work with our students and families on safe and courteous driving and parking habits. Families are reminded of our Traffic Guidelines (below) multiple time a year. Additionally, Maret offers stipends and incentives to encourage students and faculty members to use public transportation, ride, or walk to school.

Traffic Guidelines

It is so important that we model good and safe behavior for our children. Our neighbors are asked to be tolerant of our pick-up and drop-off lines and we, in turn, try to make these periods as smooth as possible.

In addition to getting drivers through car line as efficiently as possible, safety is our top priority. To this end, we would like to remind you to be both patient and polite when driving to and on campus. Please be mindful of your speed (the speed limit is 25mph or less in the neighborhood and 10mph on campus), obey the officer directing traffic, avoid cell phone use, and watch for students crossing the driveway.

Do not park on or queue on Cathedral Avenue to wait for your child at drop-off and pick-up times. This creates a significant risk to the child, impedes the flow of rush hour traffic, and is in violation of our neighbor agreement. All pedestrians must cross Cathedral Avenue and Woodley Road only at designated crosswalks.

If you have any questions, please call the Main Office at 202-939-8848.

Carpooling, Shuttle, Metrorail, and Metrobus

When driving on campus, please be patient, polite, and mindful of your speed (the speed limit is 10 mph), avoid cell phone use, and watch for students—large and small—crossing the driveway. Questions? Call the Main Office at 202-939-8848.

Maret encourages families to arrange carpools. You now are able to find families who live nearby you by using the online Directory. From the portal's homepage, click "Directory" at the top right of the screen, then choose "Nearby Families." CLICK HERE to access.

Maret encourages faculty and older students to use Metrorail services. The School is approximately a 12-minute walk from the Woodley Park/Zoo Metrorail stop on the Red Line. DC resident students may be eligible for a metro student discount card. Virginia & Maryland students may also be eligible for a commuting stipend. Please see Ms. Wills for details.

Maret runs a shuttle each morning at 7:40am and 7:50am from the Woodley Park metro for students and faculty.

D.C. Metrobus #96 and X3 stop in front of Maret School on Cathedral Avenue.

Learn more about Commuter Connection

Guidelines for Driving to and on Campus

If you are the parent/guardian of an US student who drives on campus, or have adults other than Maret parents/guardians drop off or pick up your child, please share the information in this memo with them.

  • Please follow the directions of the traffic personnel during drop-off and pick-up.
  • We would like all of our LOWER SCHOOL students to arrive on campus by 8:00 am. The doors will be open to the building at 7:45 am.
  • Those picking up LOWER SCHOOL students must have yellow signs displayed in their front windshield to get onto campus for dismissal (2:50pm on M, T, Th, & F; 1:20pm on Wed). If you need extra copies of these signs, please email Chris Appleby at
  • Those picking up MIDDLE SCHOOL students are not permitted on campus until 3:15pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday or 1:40pm on Wednesday. Those picking up UPPER SCHOOL students, given class schedules vary, are not permitted on campus until 3:10pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday or 1:45pm on Wednesday. If you arrive prior to that, you will be asked to come back later so that you do not get mixed up in the Lower School care line. You are also not allowed to wait across the street on Cathedral Avenue—it causes problems for our immediate neighbors. If you need to pick up a MIDDLE OR UPPER SCHOOL student earlier, you should plan to pick them up on Garfield Street.
  • Please do not leave your car, even for a minute, on the front drive or on Cathedral Avenue during car line.
  • If you are dropping off students at the Activities Building (the Middle School), please do not block the intersection on the driveway in front of the AB Building. If you are going straight down the driveway, stop to let off your child along the curb, so that others can circle around toward the Swiss Embassy behind you. If you are turning left to exit the school by the Swiss Embassy, pull as far forward as you can so other cars can pull in behind you.

Keep Cathedral Avenue Passable

Please keep Cathedral Avenue passable during pick-up. To help ensure this:

  • No one may make a left hand turn onto campus from 7:45 to 8:15am or from 2:50 to 3:30pm (on M, T, Th, & F; 1:20-2:00pm on Wed).
  • Those picking up LOWER SCHOOL students, please arrive on campus by 2:50pm (M, T, Th, & Fr; 1:20pm on Wed). If you arrive later, you risk getting caught up in the Middle/Upper School line. Once Middle/Upper School cars begin to back up onto Cathedral Avenue, drivers will be asked to form a second line on the driveway until the Middle Schoolers begin to exit and you will not be able to pass through at all.
  • Those picking up MIDDLE/UPPER SCHOOLERS, please plan your arrival for after 3:10pm (M, T, Th, & Fr; 1:40pm on Wed) when the Lower School car line has finished.
  • If you are visiting campus, visitor spaces are only available on the east side of the circular drive along the front lawn.
  • All other parking spaces are reserved for faculty and students, and cars without faculty stickers may be towed. There is no parking on the circle driveway during the academic day, which is a designated fire lane and must be kept clear.
  • When leaving campus during heavy traffic, we strongly recommend that you plan to go straight up Woodley or that you turn left onto Cathedral. Turning right onto Cathedral puts you back into the car line and causes gridlock.
  • Alleyway cut-throughs (such as Cortland at Cathedral directly in front of the School) MUST NOT be used.

Students Driving to Maret

  • Upper school students who drive must get a parking decal and fill out appropriate vehicle information. At the start of the year, these decals are available during class meetings. At other times, they are available through Terry Dinger in the School Store. The decals must be placed in the rear window. We have identified a number of parking areas which are not zoned and will provide maps for interested students. Though some of these areas require a five- to ten-minute walk to school, they do afford “ticket free” parking. There is no parking on Cathedral Avenue between Woodley Road and 29th Street and no parking on Hawthorne Street or Garfield Terrace. UPPER SCHOOL STUDENTS may not park on campus at any time before 4:00 p.m. on a school day, including during exams, except in limited, pre-assigned designated spaces.
  • Alleyway cut-throughs (such as Cortland at Cathedral directly in front of the School) SHOULD NOT be used.
  • If we learn that students are parking in areas where they are not supposed to park, we will have them move their cars and instruct them not to park in those locations in the future. Students typically receive a warning for a first violation and increasingly severe punishments, such as limited off-campus privileges, for repeat violations; however, multiple violations could lead to suspension.


In case of any emergency:

  • Notify the switchboard (202-939-8800) or Main Office (202-939-8848)
    In any case of emergency the Main Office will make sure that the Division Director has been notified of the situation, and vice versa.
  • Give your name, location, and the nature of the emergency.
  • If after hours, call Emergency 2-Way Radio (on-campus ext 8812 or off-campus 202-939-8812), after-hours security (202-497-5488), or Buildings and Grounds Director Jon Young’s cell phone (202-497-5335).

Periodically, Head of School Marjo Talbott will remind our community about Maret's Emergency Guidelines. PLEASE BE ASSURED that our comprehensive crisis management plan remains in place, and our Emergency Guidelines continue to be in line with recommendations from FEMA, the Red Cross, NAIS, phone companies, security firms, and other federal and D.C. Government agencies.

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