In the Case of any Emergency, Call:

  • Campus Security
    x8812 or
  • Switchboard
    x8800 or
  • Main Office
    x8848 or

After Hours, Call:

  • Security Guard/Emergency 2-Way Radio (Ext 8812 or 202-939-8812) or
  • Trey Holloway (202-939-8821) or
  • Susan Epps (cell: 202-577-8928) or
  • Marjo Talbott (cell: 202-494-5719; home: 202-686-4130)

In any case of emergency the Main Office will make sure that the Division Director has been notified of the situation, and vice versa.

  • Give Your Name, Location, and Nature of the Emergency


emergency guidelines

Inclement Weather and Emergency Messages

When inclement weather or another emergency prevents the opening of school, requires early closing, or activates an alternate school schedule, information will be available on the school website homepage (www.maret.org). Parents/Guardians' phone numbers and/or email addresses also will be used as appropriate for emergency notifications.

Please keep your emergency email and phone contacts current. Changes to this information should be made online by logging into the Parents/Guardians Portal (click on Community, then Parents/Guardians at the top of the homepage). If you need assistance, contact Director of Technology and Information Services Jean-Philippe Fontaine at 202-939-8807 or jpfontaine@maret.org.

In cases of inclement weather, announcements will be made over the radio stations WTOP 103.5 FM/820 AM, WASH 97.1 FM, and on television (NBC channel 4, FOX channel 5, and ABC channel 7). We will make an independent decision about closing school due to weather conditions, although if the DC public schools are closed, Maret may be closed. We will try to make the decision of “No School” by 5:30 a.m. If an announcement is NOT posted to the website or announcement line, families should assume that school is operating on schedule.

In inclement weather or other emergencies, parents/guardians should always use their own judgment about road conditions and the safety of bringing their children in to school and picking them up early.

Emergency Guidelines