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Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Equity and inclusion are at the center of our work at Maret. Ensuring healthy school life requires ongoing dialogue, self-reflection, and action towards ever more inclusive and equitable practices and policies.

Over the years, our work has expanded in both breadth and depth as we constantly re-evaluate what it means to be conscientious equity practitioners. We believe that, while imperfect and sometimes stumbling, we must remain on the path toward building a stronger community and, ultimately, a better world.

Office of Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (OEIB)

The Office of Equity and Inclusion works to support faculty in their equity practices, both pedagogically and systemically. They provide resources, facilitate equity-based discussions, support teachers in lesson planning, and deliver professional learning to our faculty.

The office is staffed by Director of Equity & Inclusion Mich Black, Assistant Director of Upper School Nina Candia, 7th Grade Dean Jua Fluellen, and Director of Middle School Admission & Social Media Patrick Scott. 

Board Committee on Education and Equity

The Education and Equity Committee of the Board is responsible for ensuring that the School is building an equitable and inclusive learning community. This includes reviewing Maret’s educational programs to make sure that they are consistent with and meet the high standards of the mission of the School. The Committee also ensures that the Board has in place policies and procedures that promote the principles of equity and inclusion in general and within the academic and co-curricular programs at Maret. The Committee reports to the Board about the nature, direction, and needs of the School’s educational programs and helps cultivate an appreciation for the broad diversity of the School. 


Every year we have a full calendar of events, discussion groups, workshops. Together, we learn, grow, and take action to promote equity and inclusion in our school and in our communities.

parent pointing at a map
Adult listening to student in the Mixed Forum
Girl sharing with a table at Mixed Forum

Office of Equity & Inclusion

Michelle Black
Director of Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Nina Candia
Assistant Director of Upper School; Ninth Grade Dean

Jua Fluellen
Seventh Grade Dean; Middle School Science

Patrick Scott
Director of Middle School Admission & Social Media