Maret Anti-Racism Initiative

Once again, we have seen devastating news reports about horrific, racist attacks against African Americans. We know that for every action reported in the news, countless other incidents of racism occur daily. In the midst of a pandemic that has had a disproportionately damaging impact on communities of color, our collective heart breaks for the lives lost and for the widespread compounding trauma felt by so many. It is, therefore, more important than ever that we continue to combat bigotry, racism, and hatred toward our fellow human beings.



Maret is committed to continue building a truly equitable and inclusive community. Events across the country, as well as the stories shared on @BlackatMaret and within our own community, call us to set a higher standard of inclusion and engagement. This is a time of meaningful and ongoing reflection for all of us—the school leadership, faculty, students, and whole community. We must listen and do more to fight institutional racism at Maret; we must examine our practices, policies and protocols to ensure equitable experiences for all.

In addition to the standing Committee on Equity and Inclusion and the Board of Trustees' Committee on Education and Equity, the School convened a joint Board and faculty Anti-Racism Task Force in June 2020. The Task Force worked through February 2021, sharing a report with the Faculty and Board in February and with the wider community in March. See the March 3 message below.

Messages to Our Community

Goals of the Anti-Racism Task Force

Anti Racism Task Force
Ian Cameron, Chair
(President of the Board of Trustees)
Courtney Cothran-Fenner, Chair*
(Director of Equity and Inclusion)
Nina Candia
(Assistant Director of US)
Susan Epps
(Assistant Head)
David Hall
Allie Levey
(Director of College Counseling)
Krystle Merchant*
(Director of Community Engagement)
Clif Morgan
(MPA Executive Committee)
Lex Sant
Sylvia White
Marjo Talbott, Ex Officio*
(Head of School)

* member of the Committee on Equity and Inclusion

Task Force Consultants
Greg Peters and Camilla Greene, of the San Francisco Coalition of Essential Small Schools (SF-CESS), are well-known consultants who work with many schools to combat racism, prejudice, and hatred. Roughly a decade ago, they, along with Eliza Alexander and Holly Hinderlie, helped Maret create and facilitate Deepening the Discussion about Race, our week-long annual faculty training. 



June 2020—Maret's Anti-Racism Task Force (ARTF) was created; the ARTF will complete their work in December 2020

August 17–20 2020Deepening the Discussion About Race is held for all new faculty. (100% of the faculty have completed this intensive, week-long training, which began in 2012.)

August 24, 2020—The Wells Collective conducted an all-faculty training to process @BlackatMaret; to be followed by two additional training sessions at faculty meetings in the fall.

September 2020—Systemic racism was addressed during assemblies for students in all three divisions.

September 3, 10, 17, 24, 2020—The Anti-Racism Task Force conducted listening groups of parents/guardians, faculty, students, and alumni as part of an institutional audit.

September 12, 2020—Equity and inclusion training is conducted at the Board of Trustees retreat.


The strength of Maret lies in our commitment to building a community that is equitable and inclusive. Together and connected, we will uphold our Core Value of Respect for all in the community. Below are resources to help us all honor each other's humanity by taking actionable steps toward building an anti-racist community.