Maret Anti-Racism Initiative

Once again, we have seen devastating news reports about horrific, racist attacks against African Americans. We know that for every action reported in the news, countless other incidents of racism occur daily. In the midst of a pandemic that has had a disproportionately damaging impact on communities of color, our collective heart breaks for the lives lost and for the widespread compounding trauma felt by so many. It is, therefore, more important than ever that we continue to combat bigotry, racism, and hatred toward our fellow human beings.

This page is only the first step. Take time to read, view, or scroll through a few of these resources. While educating yourself is vital, what leads to true and lasting change is tangible action. Launch into difficult conversations with your family and friends. Sign a petition. Write a letter to policy makers. Contribute to anti-racist organizations if you are able to do so. Some possible options are listed below.

The strength of Maret lies in our commitment to building a community that is equitable and inclusive. Together and connected, we will uphold our Core Value of Respect for each and every one of us. Below are resources to help us all honor each other's humanity by taking actionable steps toward building an anti-racist community.

— Head of School Marjo Talbott