“How can we measure…equity and inclusion...student wellness...holistic student experience...admission trends...alumni well we live our mission?”

Independent schools are finding these questions harder to address in meaningful quantitative terms. Institutional Research at Maret tackles these crucial issues by leveraging school data in innovative ways, building institutional research capacity, and developing quantitative literacy throughout the community.


Evaluating Our Plan for

Continuity of Learning (COL)

One of Maret’s greatest strengths is its diverse community of students, faculty, and families.

The wide range of knowledge, experiences, and perspectives present in our community creates an energy and dynamism that drives us thoughtfully and compassionately forward, especially in difficult times.

As we have abruptly transitioned our classes, programs, and operations to online platforms in response to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the central goals of COL have been to continue to deliver the essential content knowledge and skills students will need next year; to support the emotional health of our students, families, and faculty; and to maintain the sense of community that permeates the hallways of our campus.

Our Approach

Given the breadth of perspectives in our community, it is crucial to acknowledge that we are all experiencing this crisis differently and that the lens through which we each evaluate the success of COL will be shaped by the challenges present in our particular household. During the first three weeks of COL, we worked hard to collect and reflect on the wide range of feedback provided by our community about how they are experiencing the program. This data has allowed us to:

  1. Identify areas where community consensus has existed within the responses we received.
  2. In areas where consensus is elusive, create a window through which to see, appreciate, and empathize with members of our community who are experiencing the crisis differently.

Our COL Research & Findings


Thrive Index Module

Student Thrive Index

2020 Summer Lab

JUNE 17-19, 2020

In its first year, the 2020 Summer Lab will focus on building and implementing Student Thrive Index models in independent schools. For this program, we hope to build a cohort of 5-10 independent schools.


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