Maret was awarded an Educational Leadership Grant from the E.E. Ford Foundation in November of 2020. Maret will use the grant to establish a national Center for Institutional Research in Independent Schools. The Center's goal is to help support independent schools in their efforts to establish and improve mission-driven data analysis initiatives. Through a new website, virtual sessions, and an annual Summer Lab, the center will provide resources, professional development, and networking opportunities for independent school personnel in the areas of data literacy, data storage architecture, data analysis platforms and techniques, effective data reporting, and navigating institutional change. We look forward to continuing to build relationships and share ideas with institutional research practitioners across the country!


“How can we measure…equity and inclusion...student wellness...holistic student experience...admission trends...alumni well we live our mission?”

Independent schools are finding these questions harder to address in meaningful quantitative terms. Institutional Research at Maret tackles these crucial issues by leveraging school data in innovative ways, building institutional research capacity, and developing quantitative literacy throughout the community.