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Evaluating COL

One of Maret’s greatest strengths is its diverse community of students, faculty, and families.The wide range of knowledge, experiences, and perspectives present in our community creates an energy and dynamism that drives us thoughtfully and compassionately forward, especially in difficult times.

Institutional Research During COVID-19

Throughout the pandemic, the School has worked hard to collect and reflect on the wide range of feedback provided by our community about how they are experiencing our Continuity of Learning (COL) programs. Given the breadth of perspectives in our community, it has been crucial to acknowledge that everyone is experiencing this crisis differently and that the lens through which we each evaluate the success of COL is shaped by the challenges present in our particular household.

Regular surveys to students, families, and faculty have helped the School to assess all dimensions of school life during COVID. The high response rate has provided faculty with valuable data in real time to hep inform and improve iterations of COL across divisions.

Teacher in class with students and on Zoom

This sixth grade history class is being conducted in the hybrid model, with half of the students in class with the teacher and the other half participating via Zoom.

Our COL Research & Findings

As we abruptly transitioned our classes, programs, and operations in response to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the central goals of our Continuity of Learning COL program have been to continue to deliver the essential content knowledge and skills students will need next year; to support the emotional health of our students, families, and faculty; and to maintain the sense of community that permeates the hallways of our campus.

Winter 2020/2021

Fall 2020

Spring 2020