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Maret's K-12 Experience

For more than 100 years, Maret has always featured a single campus for students of all grades. We value our meaningful K–12 interactions in programs such as Math Buddies, where Precalculus students teach mathematical skills and concepts to lower school students; or when WOMPers (Waves, Optics, and Musical Physics students) present an interactive lesson on the physics of kaleidoscopes and mirrors to our kindergartners.

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student chemistry projects


First graders and upper school chemistry students work side-by-side to help replenish the dwindling shad population in the Anacostia River. The program, in partnership with the Shad Restoration Project, starts by building a 70-gallon hatchery in the classroom and culminates when together the students release the shad into a local river.

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WOMPers Visit Kindies

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