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The entire Maret community benefits from the School’s strong, dedicated, forward-thinking leadership.

From Head of School Marjo Talbott’s far-reaching innovations to the Board of Trustees’ measured and balanced stewardship and the school-wide connections fostered by the Maret Parents Association, every aspect of the School is thoughtfully and effectively shepherded. 

head of school marjo talbott

Head of School - Marjo Talbott

Assistant Heads of School

Trey Holloway
Assistant Head: Finance and Operations

Lynn Levinson
Assistant Head: Student Life

María López
Assistant Head: Curriculum Development

Group of trustees standing on the steps of Woodley building

Maret Board of Trustees

Maret School is a nonprofit private independent school, governed by a Board of Trustees. Members of the parent body, alumni, greater community, and past faculty are represented on the Maret School board. The board works to ensure that Maret remains financially stable, fiscally responsible, forward-thinking, and adherent to its mission and core values. Under the guidance of its president, the board is comprised of several working committees, each of which examines key issues and makes policy recommendations that strengthen the School and support its goals.

MPA Executive Committee

MPA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee leads the Maret Parents Association (MPA) in  strengthening the connection between home and school with the goal of enhancing the educational experience for every child at Maret. They sustain Maret's strong supportive community by fostering communication among parents and between parents and the school, running events and fundraisers, and hosting  educational programs for parents.

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