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Staying connected: Messages from Marjo keep all of our upper school students, faculty, parents, and alumni connected and informed about the latest happenings and trends on campus. 

Heritage Tree Relocation at ECC

Dear Families,

For the past eight weeks, Environmental Design has been helping us to move four beautiful heritage trees on the site of our new athletic fields at the Episcopal Center for Children in Northwest DC. It is an amazing process to witness, and I am excited to share some video footage of this work with you.

Heritage Tree Relocation Project Video Play Button

Earlier this week, you heard from Board President Leigh Comas that we received the written order of approval for our new athletic fields from the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA). The Friends of the Field (FoF), who opposed our BZA application, have already filed an appeal. While it is unfortunate that the FoF took this action, we are confident that the analysis and conclusions set forth in the BZA’s written order very thoroughly and clearly address all of the key points raised by the FoF throughout the proceedings. Because of the written order's strength, we are continuing our preparations for the construction phase of the project.

Our current work includes relocating the last heritage tree, selecting materials for the build-out of the fields, designing the landscaping, and obtaining the permits necessary for construction. When the permitting is complete, which could be late fall, and as the appeal process unfolds, we will have a better sense of the construction timeline and an estimate of opening day at our new athletic facility.

In the meantime, the Board and School ECC Field Task Force continues to move all elements of the project forward with due consideration and speed.

As a final word, I want to thank the Board’s Field Task Force for their leadership and the many members of the Maret community who have been so engaged since the fall of 2021. Your presence at community meetings, your letters of support, and your advocacy with local officials has been invaluable. We would not have arrived here without your support.