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Head of School Marjo TalbottMarjo Talbott
Head of School

Friday’s Violence in New Zealand

Too often, we are faced with horrible headlines describing acts of hatred, violence, and death. Just a few months ago, I acknowledged the collective pain and grief we all felt after the senseless acts of bloodshed that took place in an African-American church in Kentucky, and then a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Now I write about Friday’s horrendous massacre at two New Zealand mosques.

I encourage us to take special care of ourselves, each other, and especially our Muslim families in the wake of this terrible event. At school and at home, we need to be mindful that our children are aware of these news headlines and are trying to make sense of what is happening in the world around them. We need to engage in age-appropriate conversations about the importance of combatting bigotry, racism, and hatred toward our fellow human beings.

Let us always remember that we are a school that strives to build community that is equitable and inclusive. We find strength by embracing diversity of perspectives, identities, circumstances, and talents. Together and connected, we will continue to uphold our core value of respect for each and every one of us.

Marjo Talbott
Head of School