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Strategic Directions

Maret's Strategic Directions propel Maret along its trajectory as a truly outstanding independent school. 

teacher looking over student's shoulder

Our School
Our Future
Our Commitment

Since Strategic Directions was launched in 2017, our aspirations have led to actions that have had tangible results. We have generated an enormous set of useful ideas that augment the progress Maret has made in recent years. More important than these ideas themselves is Our Commitment to bring them to life.


Our Guiding Principles

Three principles shape our vision. They highlight our belief that the Maret of the future needs to continue to be inclusive, sustainable, effective, agile, and grounded in our values and history. They are the guideposts that will support continued renewal, inform our path, and advance our Mission.

These principles define our strength as an institution and serve as the impetus to direct us forward. Each will need to be properly funded and include substantial professional development for faculty and education for parents. As such, they become the foundation for purposeful and clearly articulated choices.

Advancing a Maret Education in the 21st Century

Guiding Principle 1: Students face a complex world once they leave Maret.

Supporting Our Students' Success

Maret’s superior educational program is merely the starting point for student success.

Connecting to Our Communities

Guiding Principle 3: Maret is anchored in the values of connectedness and respect.

Our World