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Guiding Principle 1

Advancing a Maret Education in the 21st Century

Students face a complex world once they leave Maret—one that requires engaging in respectful cross-cultural dialogue, thoughtful decision-making, increased interaction with widely divergent opinions, and mastery of interrelated and rapidly changing areas of skills and knowledge.

The value of a Maret education will be evident in traditional measures of success, such as standardized test scores; academic, athletic, and artistic achievement; and college placement. We also know that other dimensions are needed, that these traditional measures alone do not adequately predict the ability of our graduates to thrive in college, in the workplace, and throughout their lives.

teacher chatting with student

We believe that students will thrive in the 21st century when:

  • They are members of a vibrant educational community that fosters individual interests, celebrates talents, and promotes success. This community seeks to be equitable and inclusive across race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, class, and culture.
  • They develop into well-rounded citizens through experiences in cohesive academic, arts, athletic, and wellness programs.
  • They are equipped with a set of indispensable skills such as analytical, critical, and creative thinking; problem-solving; oral, written, and digital communication; and the ability to seek, understand, and engage productively with differing opinions.
  • They expand their technological and quantitative literacy and agility; prepare for future advances and develop facility with different technological platforms; and practice responsible, careful, and wise digital citizenship.
  • They are exposed to an evolving and responsive curriculum that promotes global competence, encourages entrepreneurial spirit, and cultivates leadership capabilities.

Maret upper school student