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Guiding Principle 2

Supporting Our Students' Success

Maret’s superior educational program is merely the starting point for student success. Students learn best when they have meaningful relationships with caring faculty, and reach their fullest potential when given resources that help them make good choices for managing their health and personal growth.

Growth Mindset (a term coined by Stanford professor Carol S. Dweck) is a belief that academic, athletic, artistic, and social skills can be learned. Students with a growth mindset understand that they learn and improve through practice, success, and even failure. Maret believes that all the core competencies of our program — whether a student is learning calculus, improving his or her batting, drawing a picture, or seeking balance — should foster this growth mindset so that all students experience the fruits of hard work, persistence, and experimentation.

younger student working with older student

We believe that we best support student success when:

  • Our students develop a growth mindset, learning how to learn in a challenging academic environment that emphasizes nurtured risk-taking and persistence.
  • We help students to practice thoughtful reflection and self-evaluation, as these lead to resilience, a sense of confidence, and healthy relationships.
  • We hire, develop, and retain high-performing and diverse faculty who reflect the demographics of our student body and are afforded sufficient time to make authentic and trusting connections as mentors and role models to their students.
  • Our exceptional faculty and curriculum are responsive and flexible in ways that embrace students’ varied interests, learning styles, and goals; offer innovative approaches to what we teach, how we teach, and how we bring technology into the classroom; and foster intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development.
  • We provide our faculty with the opportunities, resources, and schedule they need to experiment and innovate in order to fulfill their programmatic goals, grow as professionals, and develop as leaders in our community. That includes regular assessment of our physical and virtual space requirements.
  • We engage our parents through clear and regular communications about our programs, frequent opportunities to be engaged with the life of the School, and occasions to increase their understanding of the challenges children face in a dynamic and evolving world.

Maret Lower School Portraits