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Guiding Principle 3

Connecting to Our Communities

Maret is anchored in the values of connectedness and respect; it strives to embody these values in all its actions. Emerging technologies offer new ways to broaden and deepen our community. As a result of Maret’s participation in the Malone Schools Online Network (MSON), we know that technology will enable connections in ways that we cannot imagine today.

Maret aspires to become increasingly equitable and inclusive and to play a responsible and constructive role as a member of our local, national, and global communities. Our graduates should be capable, confident, and committed to making the world a better place. Maret is justifiably proud of its pioneering work to keep tuition costs down while offering an extensive program, paying competitive salaries, and providing substantial financial aid. The result is increasing financial sustainability and greater diversity among students, alumni, faculty, and families—all of whom feel connected to one another through the School.

Maret Lower School Roy G Biv day

We believe that we are a more fully connected community when:

  • We strengthen what is best in our school culture with a sustainable financial framework that allows Maret to attract superb students reflecting the demographic and socioeconomic diversity of the greater Washington DC area.
  • We acknowledge the vital role that our faculty play in fulfilling our Mission, and we create conditions in which they can thrive.
  • We share our innovation with others, expand access to our campus and facilities to other organizations, and provide our students with academic and service experiences in the real world.
  • We make a commitment to future generations who will enjoy the benefits of our prudent stewardship. We will continue to educate students about environmental sustainability and seek ways to ensure that the School uses its physical resources responsibly.
  • Members of the Maret community contribute whatever they can (time, money, energy, skills, ideas) to support our collective endeavor. In this way, we can expand our programs, support our faculty, maintain our campus, and build an endowment that can sustain the future we envision.

Maret Community Service Day