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Our Commitment

Individual Commitments and Collective Responsibilities

Meaningful engagement across our community defined the Strategic Directions process. Over 800 individuals, including the Board of Trustees, students, parents, alumni, parents of alumni, and the entire faculty, contributed their voice and expertise during this inclusive two-year process. The dedication to Maret’s Mission and our collective future was ever present and inspiring.

Successful implementation of the Strategic Directions will require turning our aspirations into actions that will lead to tangible results. We have generated an enormous set of useful ideas that will augment the progress Maret has made in recent years. More important than these ideas themselves are the people who will be responsible for the energy and resources needed to bring them to life.

Maret Frog

OUR FACULTY propels innovation in curriculum development, nurtures a growth mindset, emphasizes skills acquisition, and builds healthy relationships based on mutual trust with each other, students, and families to strengthen our Strategic Directions.

OUR STUDENTS fuel our Strategic Directions with their energy, ideas, and openness to change and experimentation, and by sharing their experiences of changes as they occur.

OUR FAMILIES partner with the School and commit their time, talent, and financial resources to support Maret’s Mission and pursuit of its Strategic Directions.

OUR ALUMNI reinforce our Strategic Directions by serving as a presence in the Maret of today, providing leadership, ideas, advocacy, financial support, and connection with students.

OUR SCHOOL LEADERSHIP TEAM takes the necessary action to encourage and inspire all the individual and collective commitments needed to advance our Strategic Directions.

OUR BOARD OF TRUSTEES leads by example to keep our Strategic Directions on track, calling the community to action; monitoring and communicating about our priorities, trade-offs, and progress; and securing financial support.