Directions 2017-2022

What We Think About Our World

The educational landscape is evolving rapidly, and Maret finds itself at a critical juncture. Fundamental questions about the nature of classrooms and the curriculum, the impact of technology, equity and inclusion, and financial sustainability must be addressed. These require us to recognize — and then balance — a series of dynamic, interconnected forces:

  • Our commitment to academic excellence, and the importance of physical, social, and emotional wellness.
  • Integration of technology into the life of the School, and using technology in ways that are constructive and developmentally appropriate.
  • Maret’s established practice of keeping tuition increases low while advancing student aid, and ensuring financial sustainability and across-the-board programmatic distinction.

While we cannot predict with certainty how the world will change, we know that change is inevitable and fast-paced. How can Maret not merely respond to all these forces, but also innovate—to prepare for the uncertainties, seize opportunities, and remain true to its defining mission?

The School’s motto is “To Learn is to Live.” Learning demands change. Experimentation, testing assumptions, and transformation are strategies that have been adopted by Maret to meet evolving circumstances. As we have developed over our century-long history, we have been deliberate, adventurous, and focused on measuring our impact. Never complacent, we force ourselves to look outward into the world to make the best choices for our students.

students at art gallery