Continuity of Learning (COL)—2020-2021

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Maret is currently offering families the choice between the hybrid and all-virtual programs described below. Our learning community is vibrant and strong. To remind us of our responsibility to each other and of all we can accomplish collectively, our theme for 2020–2021 will be Standing Together. Even if we must remain six feet apart physically, we commit ourselves to finding ways to deepen our connections, bring joy to learning, and grow as a school community.

COL at Home

In this fully virtual instructional model, academic classes in Middle and Upper Schools meet twice synchronously and once asynchronously each week. Other classes meet once or more each week and the majority of meetings are synchronous. Lower school classes meet synchronously several times a day, including full, half, and quarter class groupings. Across grades K–12, students can take advantage of additional office hours, small-group gatherings, and other synchronous connections.

COL Hybrid

In this combined model, K–12 students meet on campus at least twice weekly and spend the balance of time in COL at Home learning. The schedules for this model are in the final stages of development.

The school will work with families who opt to have their children continue with virtual learning to ensure the very best delivery of the academic program.

Before implementing the hybrid model of instruction, all students, faculty, and contracted workers who had been or would be on campus took part in our baseline testing program. Regular ongoing testing will take place during hybrid instruction.


Bricks and Mortar

In this scenario, all aspects of the program take place at 3000 Cathedral Avenue, NW, following our updated schedule for 2020–2021.

Schedules by Division

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Flexibility for Families

We understand that individual circumstances will require that some students remain at home even when classes resume more fully on campus. In these situations families have the option to continue with COL At Home, even when the school is able to move into the COL Hybrid model.

Remaining Nimble

The recommendations coming from, and restrictions imposed by, local and federal agencies are ever-changing; therefore, our plans will remain flexible in order to provide the most effective possible response. Given the fluid nature of the situation, plans are subject to change. We will analyze our COL plan every four to six weeks and make adjustments accordingly.

COL Research 

Given the breadth of perspectives in our community, it is crucial to continue to evaluate the success of our COL program. We have collected and reflected on the wide range of feedback provided by our community. This data has allowed us to:

  1. Identify areas where community consensus has existed within the responses we received.
  2. In areas where consensus is elusive, create a window through which to see, appreciate, and empathize with members of our community who are experiencing COL differently.

COL Foundation

The COL program is built upon the aspirations and expectations of Maret's Mission, Core Values, and Essential Skills.

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