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COL Scenarios and Options for 2020–2021

For the upcoming school year, we have developed three scenarios. Although fluid and subject to change depending on the restrictions posed by the pandemic, they are solid models that frame what school might look like in the fall. All scenarios mirror each other to the extent possible.

Lower School  |  Middle School  |  Upper School

Scenario 1


Under the fully on-campus learning scenario, all aspects of the program would take place at 3000 Cathedral Avenue, NW. We have been working on a revised daily schedule for the past two years and would implement that schedule under this scenario. Realistically, unless widespread immunity develops (naturally or because of a vaccine) in a miraculously short time, this option will not happen in the fall. It is included here for completeness.

Sample Scenario 1 Schedules

Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8

Scenario 2


Circumstances (for example, a large spike of cases in our area or an outbreak within our school community) may require Maret to implement a fully virtual COL program and schedule. Each week, all Middle School and Upper School courses would meet twice synchronously and once asynchronously. Across grades K-12, all students would be offered additional office hours, small group gatherings, and other synchronous connections. Division directors and department chairs have been working closely with the technology department to enhance our virtual plan and the new schedules below.

Sample Scenario 2 Schedules

Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8

Scenario 3


Designing the hybrid program is very complicated and still under discussion. The present idea is to have K–12 students on campus twice weekly. We are also exploring the idea of providing child care on campus for families with younger children who do not have other child care options.

(Plan and schedules are under construction.)

We remain committed to reopening campus as fully as possible, while following District, Federal, and CDC recommendations, and other official health and safety protocols. Social distancing restrictions will mean that approximately half our students can be accommodated on campus at any given time. Given the fluid nature of the situation, we will analyze our COL plan every four to six weeks and make adjustments accordingly. 

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