College Counseling

Exploring college options should be an exciting and rewarding experience for high school students and their families. Thanks to the guidance of our experienced College Counseling team, Maret students are well prepared for this adventure.

A Team Approach


We work with students to identify a wide range of college and post-graduation options that complement their achievements, goals, abilities, and talents. Our goal is thoughtful, low-stress college search that helps each student put their best foot forward and ultimately find a great match for their post-Maret education.

Beginning in the eleventh grade, students, parents/guardians, and counselors collaborate throughout the college search, application, and admissions processes. Like any team, each teammate has specific responsibilities. We will be happy to meet with students, or students and their parents together, at any time throughout the process.

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After Maret

College Destinations - Class of 2017

Babson College
Beloit College
Bowdoin College
University of British Columbia
Brown University (2)
University of California-Davis
Carleton College (2)
College of Charleston
Colby College
Colgate University
University of Colorado-Boulder
Columbia University
University of Connecticut
Cornell University
Franklin & Marshall College
Harvard College
Haverford College
University of Iowa
Lafayette College
Lehigh University
University of Maryland-College Park
McGill University
Miami University of Ohio
University of Miami
University of Michigan
Middlebury College (2)
Mount Holyoke College
Muhlenberg College
New York University-Shanghai
Northwestern University (2)
Oberlin College (4)
Occidental College
Parsons School of Design
University of Pennsylvania
Pomona College
Princeton University
Reed College
Scripps College
Smith College
University of Southern California (3)
University of St. Thomas
Swarthmore College
Syracuse University (2)
Towson University
Tufts University (5)
Tulane University (3)
University of the Arts
Vanderbilt University (2)
Vassar College (2)
University of Vermont
University of Virginia
Wake Forest University
Washington & Jefferson College
Washington University in St. Louis (2)
Wesleyan University
Whitman College
University of Wisconsin-Madison

2013-2017 Matriculation

Barnard College (4)
Bates College (4)
Bowdoin College (9)
Brown University (9)
Carleton College (5)
Colby College (7)
Colorado College (4)
Columbia University (5)
Cornell University (3)
Dartmouth College (4)
Dickinson College (8)
Franklin & Marshall College (4)
Georgetown University (4)
Harvard University (5)
Haverford College (4)
Kenyon College (4)
Lafayette College (3)
Macalester College (4)
McGill University (3)
Middlebury College (4)
New York University (4)
Northeastern University (3)
Northwestern University (4)
Oberlin College (11)
Occidental College (5)
Pomona College (3)
Princeton University (3)
Reed College (3)
Rice University (5)
Skidmore College (7)
Stanford University (3)
Swarthmore College (4)
Syracuse University (7)
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (3)
Trinity College (3)
Tufts University (9)
Tulane University (11)
University of Pennsylvania (8)
University of Rochester (3)
University of Southern California (5)
Vassar College (3)
Washington University in St. Louis (11)
Wellesley College (3)
Wesleyan University (9)
Williams College (6)
Yale University (5)


Members of the classes of 2015-2018 have earned prestigious national recognitions including National Merit, National Achievement, National Hispanic Recognition Scholarships; The Morehead-Cain, The Jefferson Scholarship, The Posse Foundation Scholarship; and others.

Contact the College Counseling Office

Alexander Levey
Director of College Counseling

Dorie Ravick
Associate Director of College Counseling

Claire Pettengill
Associate Director of College Counseling

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College Visits to Maret

Maret School welcomes college visits beginning September 11 through December 1, 2017. To schedule a visit, college admission representatives can now go to

College Athletics and Recruitment

Many students who have enjoyed playing sports at Maret want to continue to compete in college. College athletics are a great way to meet new people, provide structure to your day, represent your school, and stay in shape. Still, the recruitment process and how it influences college admissions can be a mystery. Maret’s coaches work closely with the college counseling office as well as with students, parents, and college recruiters to present prospective varsity players to their best advantage. Learn more.

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