Introduced in Kindergarten and evolving through high school, science at Maret is inspiring, rigorous, and directly connected to the world in which we live.

Curriculum Snapshot

LOWER SCHOOL science focuses on process: making observations, asking questions, setting up experiments, and analyzing data for patterns. Classes are small and are grounded in direct experience.

MIDDLE SCHOOL students start to weave foundational principles in biology, chemistry, and physics into project-based, problem-focused classes.

UPPER SCHOOL students take classes in biology, chemistry, and physics in a sequence that best suits their interests and learning styles. Students can also branch into upper-level electives that are wide ranging, from gravitational astrophysics to biotechnology.

Lower School

Middle School

Upper School

Science Internship Summary

Maret continues to promote and encourage students to gain real-life, out-of-classroom experience in scientific areas.

  • Approximately 20 students were placed in science related internships last year
  • Made relationships with organizations have been strengthened allowing students a more reliable supply of internship mentors
  • Students craft resumes and cover letters directed toward specific internships
  • Younger students gain experience by participating in science programs to better position them for obtaining an internship the following summer
  • Numbers of students participating in student internships continues to grow

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