World Languages

Language both informs and reflects human experience. Language instruction and culture are therefore intentionally and inextricably intertwined at Maret. Because global competence requires today's learners to understand their own culture as well as others, our courses open a unique door to understanding the culture of the people who speak the languages we teach.


Linguistic fluency and cultural competency are the primary goals of Maret’s Languages program. Our students learn to adapt resourcefully to new situations and cultural contexts; to build relationships with others based on mutual respect and understanding; and to use their language skills to communicate, persuade, and negotiate.

How We Teach

Maret’s language program has two central goals; linguistic acquisition and cultural competency. Our teachers provide an immersive experience in the classroom and use English as little as possible. We believe that mastering a language is not limited to the acquisition of linguistic skills; this is why our classrooms are also a place where students cultivate and grow their ability to understand, appreciate, and interact with the individuals who speak the languages that we teach.

Curriculum Snapshot

LOWER SCHOOL students are introduced to Spanish in first grade.

MIDDLE SCHOOL students may continue Spanish studies or opt to pursue French. Latin is offered starting in sixth grade.

UPPER SCHOOL students are required to take three years of language (Spanish, French, Latin, or Chinese), or two years of two languages. There are numerous language electives – including Arabic – for students who want to further increase their multilingual aptitude.

Upper and Middle School World Languages Assembly Videos

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