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We strive to develop independent analytical thinkers who are capable of solving interesting problems in novel situations.

Maret Lower School Math


Students graduate from Maret with the knowledge and skills necessary to continue their study in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology, and to make decisions and communicate as numerate adults. Maret mathematics students are encouraged to take intellectual risks, to learn from their mistakes, and to persevere.

How We Teach

Our approach to teaching mathematics engages our students in the very deepest of ways. Making sense of truly interesting problems, breaking them apart, and being curious about how things work are essential pathways to becoming a confident risk-taker, a collaborative problem solver, and a competent, lifelong learner. We use flexible teaching and assessment strategies to address the needs of individual learners within the context of the classroom experience. With a variety of problem-solving tools and technologies, our teachers enhance learning and allow students to focus on reasoning and decision-making. Our teachers model mathematics as an exciting exploration, and they foster genuine enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, and curiosity in our students.

Math at Maret

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Curriculum Snapshot


Math in Grades K–4 focuses on mathematical communication and inquiry, as well as the ways in which math shows up in our day-to-day world. Manipulatives are used to introduce mathematical concepts in tangible ways.


Students in Grades 5–8 develop fundamental arithmetic and algebraic skills with an emphasis on problem-solving. They have regular opportunities to apply their skills to novel problems.


Students in Grades 9–12 progress through Precalculus or complete four years of math. They develop deep conceptual understandings through discovery and discussion. Computer programming builds computational reasoning and logic skills.

Signature Projects

These sample projects demonstrate how Maret's Mathematics Department inspires curiosity, problem-solving, and leadership.

Maret Math Buddies

Math Buddies 
(US and LS)

Math Buddies is a reciprocal service-learning program in which upper school students work with lower school students on math. Upper school students teach math skills and concepts and serve as role models for lower school students while gaining a greater appreciation and understanding of math. Both the younger and older students benefit from the relationships and improved math confidence gained from working with their partners all year.

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MathCounts Team (Grades 6–8)

Students practice for and compete in the regional and national MathCounts competitions. The team provides students with an opportunity outside of their classes for math enrichment. At weekly meetings students practice solving challenging math problems that emphasize abstract thinking, discuss mathematical ideas, and establish relationships with students in other grade levels.

Maret Physics Lab

Other Opportunities for Math Lovers

Middle and upper school students participate in the annual American Mathematics Competition and can join the Middle and Upper School Math Clubs.