Performing Arts

Whether playing Orff instruments in the Lower School, raising their voices in the Middle School chorus, or lending their talents to the upper achool musical, Maret students are taught the joys of the full range of performing arts.


Musical and dramatic expression and literacy are fundamental to Maret’s K-12 curriculum. Equally important is the knowledge necessary to becoming an engaged and appreciative audience member.

Each year, Maret’s performing arts students take new journeys around the world together, exploring different cultures through music and theatre. Our students gain new perspectives, skills, and confidence, not just for the stage, but for life.

How We Teach

Various instrumental and vocal techniques are incorporated in lower school music classes and continue through middle and upper school band and chorus classes. In seventh grade, all students add Drama to their curriculum and have the option to also take Guitar and Theatre Technique. Through all of these classes, students learn to become engaged and respectful audience members. As talents evolve, older students may focus on honing their vocal skills, expanding their instrumental prowess, or exploring the background of theatrical performance, including acting, dance, improvisation, and technical production. Classes are performance-oriented, with numerous opportunities to showcase burgeoning talent before appreciative audiences on campus and beyond.

Curriculum Snapshot

In addition to many performing ensembles, theater productions, and academic classes, the department supports several extracurricular activities in the performing arts.

LOWER SCHOOL encourages a lifelong love of music through musical expression and the mastery of musical literacy. Starting in kindergarten, children participate in vocal ensembles, explore elements of dance, and are introduced to a variety of musical instruments.

MIDDLE SCHOOL broadens and develops varied experiences in creating, performing, and analyzing music. Drama, dance, and technical theater are explored as well. Middle school students present a play for the Maret community each year.

UPPER SCHOOL offers opportunities in choral and instrumental music, drama, and technical theater.

BIG FISH - Upper School Musical 2018

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FOOTLOOSE - Upper School Musical 2017

1984 - Upper School Play 2016

MUSEUM - Upper School Play 2015-2016

Performing Arts Highlights

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