Visual Art

All aspects of the art-making process are explored in Maret’s Visual Art curriculum. Students learn the rewards of self-expression while gaining an appreciation of historic, contemporary, and cultural connections of art’s integral role in society.


Maret’s Visual Art program strives to instill in our students an awareness of the expressive potential of various art media and the technical skills to meaningfully develop their creative ideas in a visual format.


How We Teach

Working with small groups in studio settings, teachers introduce a wide range of materials and art-making methods. Assignments emphasize creative problem solving, nurtured risk taking, exploratory thinking, and developing an appropriate vocabulary for interpreting and critically discussing art.

Student work is self-directed, yet inspired by an appreciation of historic, contemporary, and cultural connections to art as a way to gain understanding of how artists think and express their ideas. Among the media explored are drawing, painting, collage, sculpting, portraiture, photography, and public art installation.

Maret’s visual arts program stretches beyond the classroom to include a variety of extra-curricular options.

Curriculum Snapshot

A highlight of the school year is Maret’s spring All-School Art Show. Each student has the opportunity to display his or her masterwork in a sprawling gallery-style setting. The event draws admirers from beyond our campus who come to view the talents of our K-12 artists.

LOWER SCHOOL students begin taking visual art classes in kindergarten.

MIDDLE SCHOOL classes highlight an expanded range of techniques and methods of expression.

UPPER SCHOOL students complete their visual art requirements in ninth grade, with the option of pursing additional electives throughout their upper school years.

Visual Art in an Integrated Curriculum

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Visual Art Highlights

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