Essential Skills for Present and Future Learners

Beyond the content specific to designated academic courses, Maret teachers help students develop the essential skills they need to be well-rounded adults in a rapidly evolving world. Keeping true to our Mission, 0ur goal is for students to use these skills to inquire deeply, think critically, and act responsibly in all aspects of their lives.


Understanding the rapidly evolving world in which our students live and will mature, we recognize that it is important to move beyond the traditional canon of content to concentrate on the cultivation of skills. Skills are carefully woven throughout the entire K-12 program with the goal that students will have these resources at their disposal to inquire and think critically in their physical, emotional, and intellectual lives.


  • Master multiple languages and effectively use oral, written, and multimedia formats to communicate vital ideas and information in ways that show an empathetic understanding of diverse audiences.

Research, Exploration, and Problem Solving

  • Develop a sophisticated understanding of problem-solving and the confidence to approach complex, open-ended problems that encourage deep questioning, analytical thinking, and real-world connections.


  • Maintain a balanced, healthy, and happy life that emphasizes making appropriate and sustainable choices.


  • Welcome the perspectives of others and learn ways to collaborate creatively, effectively, and responsibly with a wide range of people from different cultures, interests, and talents.


  • Embrace opportunities to see beyond one’s self and to think deeply and ethically about problems faced by communities, both near and distant, and acquire and practice the leadership skills needed to responsibly address them.


  • Express unique perspectives effectively through original approaches to complex questions explored both independently and in collaboration with others.

Information, Media, and Technology Literacy

  • Thoughtfully, creatively, and responsibly use technology to explore, evaluate, and synthesize information and ideas from traditional sources and new media.

Global Awareness

  • Develop a nuanced understanding of global challenges and appreciate the impact of our decisions and actions, both as individuals and as citizens.

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