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Essential Skills

Inquire deeply. Think critically. Act responsibly.

Beyond the content specific to designated academic courses, Maret teachers help students develop the essential skills they need to be well-rounded adults in a rapidly evolving world. These skills are carefully woven throughout the entire K–12 program with the goal that our students will become good stewards of the world.

Collaboration Essential Skills


Explore, understand, and grapple with multiple perspectives across difference and practice effective listening and responsible cooperation.

Communication Essential Skills


Effectively express, receive, and engage with a range of ideas and information, develop the ability and confidence to advocate for oneself and others, and master multiple languages and forms of expression.

 Maret Creativity Essential Skills

Creativity & Innovation

Construct knowledge and original solutions through the iterative process and experimentation, both independently and in partnership with others.

Maret Cultural Compentency Essential Skills

Cultural & Global Competence

Study and experience global cultures and histories in order to understand, empathize, and constructively engage in our immediate and broader world.

Maret Leadership Essential Skills


Act courageously and honestly, set and achieve goals, engage with others, and positively impact our community and the world.

Maret Problem-Solving Essential Skills


Gain the capacity and confidence to engage critically and analytically with open-ended, complex questions, using diverse research methods.

Maret Technology Essential Skills

Technology, Information, & Media Literacy

Engage competently with our rapidly evolving technological world, participate respectfully online, and exercise the ability to analyze, interpret, and leverage quantitative and qualitative data.

Maret Wellness Essential Skills


Learn how to best take care of one’s emotional, social, and physical well-being in order to promote a healthy sense of identity and thoughtful decision-making.

How We Integrate the Essential Skills