Global Competency

Founded in 1911 as a school for international students, Maret has a long tradition of exploring and embracing the cultures and concerns of other nations. In a world where international understanding and cooperation are increasingly important, we consciously prepare students to become thoughtful, collaborative, and effective global citizens.

Summer Academic Immersion Travel Programs

Students master a second language; explore the history, culture, and current events of other nations; travel internationally; and engage with people around the world.


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World Languages

Linguistic fluency and cultural competency are the primary goals of Maret’s World Languages program. Students cultivate the ability to understand, appreciate, and interact with individuals who speak the languages Maret teaches.

How We Teach

Our teachers provide an immersive experience, using English as little as possible in the classroom. We believe that the mastering of a language is not merely verbal. Our rich curriculum evolves in a manner that allows student interest in culture and customs to flourish with the hope that students will continue their second language studies through their senior year of high school.


Required Classes

Lower School
  • Integrated Spanish
Middle School
  • Fifth Grade: Spanish
  • Sixth-Eighth Grades: Latin and either French or Spanish
Upper School
  • Modern Language and Classics
  • 3 credits in one language OR 2 credits in each of two languages


Elective French Classes

  • Advanced French Grammar
  • Francophone Culture
  • Modern French Literature
  • Summer French Program (Maret in France)

Elective Spanish Classes

  • Spanish Conversation
  • Spanish in Film
  • Survey of Hispanic Literature
  • Hispanic Literature
  • Hispanic Culture
  • Comparative Literature
  • Summer Spanish Program (Maret in Spain)

Elective Chinese Classes

  • Elementary Chinese I
  • Elementary Chinese 2
  • Intermediate Chinese 3
  • Advanced Intermediate Chinese 4
  • Chinese Language and Literature 5 (MSON)
  • Summer Chinese Program (Maret in Taiwan)

Elective Latin Classes

  • Survey of Latin Literature
  • Advanced Latin Literature
  • Vergil and Caesar
  • Ancient Greek

Elective Arabic Classes

  • Arabic I (MSON)
  • Arabic II (MSON

Global Studies and Activities in all Divisions

Upper School Courses and Clubs

A Sampling of Upper School Courses

Selected Upper School Courses

  • Advanced Economics: Macro and Micro
  • Advanced Latin Literature
  • Arabic I (MSON)
  • Arabic II (MSON)
  • Asia and the West
  • Chinese 5: Language and Literature (MSON)
  • Chinese Civilization and Culture
  • Comparative Literature

  • Comparative Religion: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam
  • Francophone Cultures
  • Globalization and the Modern World
  • Hispanic Cultures Globalization and the Modern World
  • History 9: Shaping of the Modern World
  • Modern French Literature
  • Revolutions
  • Spanish in Film

  • Survey of Hispanic Literature
  • Twentieth Century Europe and War: 1900–1945
  • War in Theory and Practice, Then and Now
  • World Literature
Selected Upper School Clubs

  • Foreign Policy Club
  • Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Discussion Group
  • Model United Nations/Model Congress Club

Middle School Global Issues Day

During Global Issues Day, our seventh graders discuss real-world problems through creative “hands-on” activities that examine such global issues as food access, health initiatives, population, water security, shelter, urbanization, education, technology, transportation, human rights, and environmental concerns. In this way, class instruction provides students with the opportunity to grapple with authentic problems from a global perspective.

By drawing upon their interests, talents, and experiences, these authentic learning activities helped students become more fully aware of their global connections. By working on these skills for Global Issues Day, students will be able to successfully educate themselves and others on a global issue plaguing our world today.

Third Grade Global Focus

Maret’s third grade students think globally. Their classroom theme of “Celebration, Cooperation,Compassion” guides both their classroom community and the way that they approach academic topics.

In third grade Spanish classes, third graders focus on Latin America and Africa. Students begin the year exploring Hispanic culture internationally and in the United States as they celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. In Spanish class, as part of the Integrated Africa Unit, students research an African country and create an iBook and oral report, which they present to the class. Students learn about family and discuss the different family structures in our society.

Third graders also learn how to read and interpret maps and create their own fantasy worlds through writing projects. Focusing on research skills allows third graders to conduct investigations into the lives of notable figures in world history, and they create collages in art class to accompany their oral reports.

Lower School Culture Club

Each session of the Lower School Culture Club is taught by Maret parent volunteers who represent a variety of cultures and who share their personal stories and traditions. Students enjoy food, games, music, dance, crafts, and other activities to celebrate each culture.