Maret in Spain

This program focuses on language acquisition through linguistic and cultural immersion. Over the course of one month, Maret students live in a full-immersion environment, learning Spanish in context through daily life, interactive lessons and cultural experiences.

Immersion in Spain


  • A 15th century fully renovated farmhouse in a small village in the Burgos Province in northern Spain
  • Granada, Spain

General Considerations

  • The program is capped at 15 students
  • Students earn 1 Maret Language Credit
  • Tentative dates: June 19, 2017 to July 17, 2017
  • There will be an informational meeting
  • Open to classes of ’18,’19, ‘20
  • Tuition: TBD

Learning Program

  • Combination of classes (by Maret faculty), cultural outings, projects, and experiential learning in the community.
  • Learning through Teachers
    Students work with 2 Maret teachers during morning classes. The small group instruction maximizes the local setting.
  • Learning by Doing
    Daily activities such as cooking and pastry lessons; artisan conversations on cheese making, pottery, and olive growing; and outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, horseback riding are all conducted in Spanish.
  • Learning through Culture
    Field trips include Burgos and its Gothic cathedral, abbeys and monasteries such as Camino de Santiago, medieval villages, Granada and the Alhambra, and el Pico de Veleta, the highest road in Europe. Night classes are provided as an extension of the field trips.
  • Learning in the Community
    We stay in small communities that are convivial and welcome interaction. Local knowledge of English is not widespread. This pushes students to communicate solely in Spanish.
  • Learning through Immersion
    Each student signs a language contract pledging to use Spanish exclusively for the duration of the trip. Depending on the level of aptitude, the contract is modified to allow students with an introductory level to succeed in the program. A 20-minute meeting is held every day in English; this is the only time we speak English as a group. Teachers may have specific interactions with students in English in one-on-one settings.

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