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Malone Schools Online Network (MSON)

Maret is one of 28 schools in the country, and the only school in DC, to be a member of the Malone Schools Online Network (MSON).

MSON joins the best of independent school education with the latest video conferencing technology to lead the way in online learning.

Challenging Courses

MSON provides motivated, upper-level students at participating Malone Schools with a variety of academically challenging courses beyond what would normally be available to them. These interactive seminars bring students together from across the United States with dedicated teachers in real time.

MSON Student Perspectives

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As a third-culture kid, I've always really enjoyed diverse surroundings. So being in classes with students all over the country was really my favorite part about MSON."Alum ’21

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MSON has been the opportunity for me to indulge in STEM. Even though Maret isn’t a computer science focused school, [MSON] let me be accelerated in computer science."Alum’23

Fast Facts

  • Twenty-seven member schools enroll their students in more than 50 courses from “Multivariable Calculus” and “Introduction to Organic Chemistry” to “Philosophy in Pop Culture” and “Chinese Literature.”
  • Real-time seminars on a set, college-style schedule allow teachers and students to develop lasting bonds across geographical divides.
  • Rich, intensive, and varied courses go beyond the AP; students dive into fields they might not otherwise encounter in high school.
  • MSON faculty members are experts who teach to their passions. They come from member schools and demonstrate the best of independent school instruction: they value small class sizes and personal relationships and promote critical thinking and analysis.
  • Students selected for MSON hone their abilities to work independently, communicate proactively, and manage their time.

Origins of MSON

From the beginning, MSON received critical guidance and support from three founding schools: Stanford Online High School, where the consortium’s technology is based; Hopkins School, which employs the Dean of Instruction; and Maret School, which received a grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation to support the program’s development and played a formative role in the academics and administration of the program.

The Malone Schools Online Network (MSON), which began in 2013, has its origins in the fellowship among 50 extraordinary independent schools across the United States. These schools all received transformational endowment gifts from the Malone Family Foundation that allow them to fund Malone Scholars each year.

Member Schools from Across the Country