Continuity of Learning (COL)

Lower School

As we move forward with our COL plan, we appreciate the important role our parents and guardians play in this process. This page, which will be updated continually, provides a central location for the information and resources you may need while this plan is in effect. Our goal, as always, is to create the best learning experience for our students. To that end, please feel free to reach out to me to share your thoughts on the program and on how your child is doing. Thank you for your partnership and trust as we engage in this long-term COL plan together. 
Chris Appleby

Our Mission

Maret is a vibrant, K–12, coeducational, independent school in Washington, DC. We ignite our students’ potential; foster their academic, artistic, and athletic talents; and promote their well-being. We develop the mind, nurture curiosity, welcome challenge, embrace joy, and build community that is equitable and inclusive.

Helpful Tips for Lower School

Be sure to utilize all of our COL Support & Resources, including Office Hours for our School Counselors LaNaadrian Easterling and Meghan Keller.

COL Support & Resources

Long-Term Schedules

Chris Appleby's COL Long-Term Plan Tips and Instructions

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  • K-4 homeroom teachers will post lessons and activities by 8:00pm the evening before the assignments are to be completed. This will allow parents to preview the next day's work. There will be specific assignments each day for reading, writing, and math.
  • Homeroom teachers will interact with their students through a daily synchronous lesson as a whole class or in small groups.
  • Students will have one resource class per day (Art, Music, Science, Spanish, or Wellness) and a daily PE activity. Two of the PE activities will be synchronous.
  • Students are expected to read independently for 20-30 minutes a day depending on their grade-level.

Given the ongoing issues with PowerSchool, your child's teacher will post assignments on a google doc that will be sent to families the night before the first day of the week. Each day, a new table of assignments will be added.

Grade K COL Schedule
Grade 1S COL Schedule   Grade 1TC Schedule
Grade 2H COL Schedule   Grade 2U COL Schedule
Grade 3L COL Schedule   Grade 3S COL Schedule
Grade 4M COL Schedule   Grade 4R COL Schedule

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(Should PowerSchool function poorly, teachers will deliver assignments through Google Docs.)

Coping with COVID-19: Recommendations for Parents and Children by Dr. Johanna Kaplan

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