Faculty Directory

Maret fosters a vibrant atmosphere for learning. Teachers and students explore, probe, debate, create, and problem-solve as partners. Maret attracts a committed, highly responsive faculty of lifelong learners.

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< 1 5 6 7 showing 145 - 149 of 149 constituents

Faculty Facts

  • 73% have advanced degrees
  • 38% are persons of color
  • 30% have 10+ years at Maret
  • 10 years average tenure
  • 9 are alumni
  • Serve as advisors 5th–12th grades

Faculty and Technology

The pace with which new, game changing, education-altering technology enters the market doesn’t faze Maret’s faculty. Two Instructional Technologists support teachers as they work to integrate technology into their curricula, helping them acquire the aptitude they need to incorporate the latest apps that benefit students. Regular after-school technology training sessions for teachers are voluntary, but well attended.

Large-scale conferences and 15-minute Lunchtime Lightning sessions focus on technology topics and questions raised by teachers. The School’s technology staff also oversees a 9-month mentoring program, pairing a knowledgeable and skilled staff member with a colleague who wants to become more proficient in a specific area. These teams meet once a month over the course of the school year, but can address pressing questions as they arise.