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Upper School (9-12)

Our upper school students pursue their passions, leave their marks, and define their futures on our campus, in the community, and beyond.

Welcome from Director of Upper School Steven Tejada

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A healthy blend of academics, arts, athletics, and extracurricular options define Maret’s upper school experience. Students stretch themselves personally and intellectually as they strive to meet their goals and prepare for life beyond our campus.

The Academic Program

Upper School students prepare for college with intentional instruction in analytical reading and writing, study skills, laboratory work, and research methods. Essential skills are woven throughout, inspiring students to inquire deeply, think critically, and act responsibly. Working with faculty advisors, students craft a course of study that is appropriate and engaging. Maret’s upper school curriculum is broad and deep with more than 120 courses offered.

Special Programs

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Intensive Study Week (ISW)

Students enjoy a week of exploration outside of regular classes during Intensive Study Week in February. Groups of students and faculty embark on a variety of fascinating projects and trips that challenge the mind and certainly rejuvenate the spirit. Want to know more about string theory? Go on tour with Maret's band and chorus?  Or learn the basics of podcasting? ISW is the time to explore!

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The Davies Exposure and Enrichment Program (DEEP) is a two-week summer program that introduces newly enrolled ninth grade students to the study skills and habits needed to excel in high school. Students work with Maret faculty in small group settings and forge social connections with other new ninth graders to start the fall with strong social connections. All newly enrolling ninth graders are welcome to attend.

A Closer Look at Life in Upper School

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Upper school students meet in small advising groups and/or one-on-one with their advisors each week, focusing on academic support, current issues inside and outside of Maret, and wellness.

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Athletics and PE

Students choose from interscholastic team sports, as well as noncompetitive lifetime sports such as yoga or weight training. Do you have a particular athletic interest not offered at Maret? You can develop a supervised independent study in the sport of your choice.

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Students are encouraged to explore academic and extracurricular opportunities with an open mind and a sense of adventure. From politics to publications, drama to debate, eating to engineering, and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. More than 70 extracurricular activities are offered each year, and the list continues to grow!

Maret Assembly

Weekly assemblies offer a larger venue for community building, internal co-curricular programs, and outside speakers and performers who create a bridge between what students are learning in the classrooms and what is happening in the city, nation, and world beyond Maret.

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Wellness stands as one of Maret’s four pillars alongside academics, athletics, and the arts. We aim to help students develop self-awareness and empower them to make healthy choices, lead balanced and fulfilling lives, and contribute to a positive culture at Maret and beyond. Each grade level has a wellness class once a week that provides students a place to learn and reflect on their health and well-being. 

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Bell Schedule

The upper school bell schedule was recently redesigned with student wellness in mind. With 70-minute periods, upper school students can dive more deeply into subject matter. Longer transition times between classes and the ability to schedule clubs and office hours into the regular school day makes the pace of the day more manageable. Students prepare for fewer classes each evening, so homework time can be more focused.

Upper School Graduation Requirements

7 credits (including 4 literature credits)


4 years of math or completion of math progression through precalculus


3 credits: at least one credit in each discipline of biology, chemistry, and physics

World Languages & Classics

3 credits in 1 language OR 2 credits in each of 2 languages

Performing Arts

1 credit in a Performing Arts course OR a Visual Art course taken in Grade 9 AND 1 additional credit in Performing Arts, Visual Art, OR Tech/Computer Science

Visual Art

1 credit in a Performing Arts course OR a Visual Art course taken in Grade 9 AND 1 additional credit in Performing Arts, Visual Art, OR Tech/Computer Science

Tech/Computer Science

1 credit in a Tech/Computer Science course may be used to satisfy graduation requirements

Physical Education

11 of 12 seasons or participation on two Maret sports teams per year


4 years

Community Engagement

10 hours/year

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