How to Apply

Important Dates

private school application dates

Start an Application for Fall 2020-2021

  • Create an account in Ravenna by clicking the link below.
  • Track the status of your application directly through Ravenna.
  • Schedule an optional tour and/or interview also in the Ravenna Hub.

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How do I proceed?

STEP 1 – Sign Up for a Tour

  • Offered daily from mid-September through December
  • Small groups of 10-12 people per tour
  • Fourth grade applicants are welcome to attend with their parents and guardians.
  • Approximate duration: 60-90 minutes

Middle School

  • Offered daily from mid-September through December
  • Small groups of 10-12 people per tour
  • Parents/guardians and their children are welcome to attend
  • Approximate duration: 90 minutes

Upper School

  • Offered daily from mid-September through early January
  • Small groups of 10-12 people per tour
  • Parents/guardians and their children are welcome to attend
  • Approximate duration: 75-90 minutes

***Please note that our K-12 TOUR scheduler is only available through Ravenna. You may login to the Ravenna Parent Hub to register.

STEP 2 – Testing

Schedule the appropriate testing for your child. Official test results must be submitted by Friday, January 17, 2020.

Lower School

  • Kindergarten-Grade 1 (younger than age 6): WPPSI-IV
  • Grade 1–Grade 5 (older than age 6): WISC-V

Middle School and Upper School

  • Applicants to our Middle School and Upper School can choose to take either the SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test) or the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam).
  • Our Admission Office does not have a testing preference. Please be aware, however, that other schools to which you might be applying may express a testing preference, so we encourage you consider those other factors as you decide which test better suits your child in the admissions process.
  • Please note: The national SSAT or ISEE testing dates of January 4th, 2020 will arrive in time for our admissions process.
  • Scores for both the SSAT and ISEE can be sent directly to Maret using our school code. For the SSAT, enter code 4822. For the ISEE, enter code 090115.

STEP 3 – Teacher Recommendations

  • Applicants to grades K-4 must submit one recommendation from their current primary teacher. Applicants to grades 5-11 are required to submit a recommendation from both their English and Math teachers.
  • Parents and guardians can send the recommendation form link directly to the teacher through Ravenna.
  • All applicants can submit one additional optional recommendation from a teacher, coach, or other instructor.

Step 4 – Transcripts

All parents/guardians must submit a transcript release form to their child's current school authorizing them to send transcripts directly to Maret.

  • Applicants to grades K-4 should submit a transcript/report card if their child receives one at their current school.
  • Applicants to grades 5-11 should submit transcripts from the first half of the current year as well as the entire previous year.
  • Upper School applicants are required to submit a graded writing sample. This should be a graded writing assignment from an English or History class in the current school year. It can be submitted via mail or email.
  • We recommend that schools send transcripts in early January to ensure that we have the most up-do-date information as we evaluate your child's application.
  • Parents and guardians can send the transcript request form link directly to the school through Ravenna.

Sibling Application Deadline

  • December 1st, 2019


Non-Discrimination Policy

MARET SCHOOL stands firmly behind the principle that the admission of students, the employment of faculty, the operation of programs, and the governance of the School be open to all who are qualified regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation. We believe that this principle is both firmly grounded in the spirit of American democracy and in keeping with the civil responsibilities of an independent school.


Contact Us

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us at 202.939.8814 or

We hope to see you on campus soon!

attend an open house or campus tour

Visit Us!

If you are unable to schedule a campus tour this fall, come to our annual Admission Open House on Sunday, December 8th, 2019. No RSVP required and all are welcome.

Tours are not required to apply, although we highly encourage you to visit our campus for a tour. Specific times subject to change.


Why Maret?

apply for preschool through grade 12

Expansion Grades 2019-2020

Maret accepts students as openings become available. With the exception of kindergarten, the exact number of openings for our expansion grades varies each year.

  • KINDERGARTEN: 20 new students
  • FIRST GRADE: 5 - 7 new students
  • THIRD GRADE: 2 - 4 new students
  • FOURTH GRADE: 7 - 10 students
  • SIXTH GRADE: 10 - 15 new students
  • SEVENTH GRADE: 10 - 12 new students
  • NINTH GRADE: 20 - 25 new students


Out-of-Town Applicants

We do our very best to accommodate families who live abroad and are not in the area during scheduled admission events. If you live outside of the DC-Maryland-Virginia area or outside of the US, feel free to inquire about virtual interview options for 6th through 11th-grade applicants (parent/guardian only for K-4th) or how we can coordinate lower school visit packets with an administrator at the child's current school for K through 4th-grade applicants.