Ninth Grade Registration

Meet Maret's assistant director of upper school and department chairs who will introduce you to the course selection process in the Upper School!

You'll be hearing from a member of our team this week. Ms. Candia, Mr. Holt, or Ms. Howard will reach out to help orient you to your schedule and offer advice. In the meantime, learn more from our department chairs by clicking on the video links below and read more about all the courses mentioned in our curriculum guide.


Ms. Candia, ninth grade dean and assistant director of Upper School, kicks off the overview. Also a ninth grade English teacher, Ms. Candia is happy to answer any questions you might have. Contact Ms. Candia.

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Everyone is a Scientist

Ms. Pratt, Science Department chair, shows you the options for ninth grade science and how they fit into the sequence of Upper School science courses. Questions? Contact Ms. Pratt.

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The Art of Seeing

There are so many options in the Visual Arts! Ms. Hutnyan, the department chair, shares brief descriptions of the courses you can choose from. Questions? Contact Ms. Hutnyan.

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Global Connections

What you need to know about world language skill evaluation and placement. Mr. Estrada, World Languages Department chair, gives you the scoop. Questions? Contact Mr. Estrada.

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Go Frogs!

Ms. Hall, Physical Education and Athletics Department chair, explains after-school PE and sports options. Note: Preseason start dates: 8/18 for football, 8/23 for all other sports. Questions? Contact Ms. Hall.

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How It All Adds Up

Dr. Alemayehu, Mathematics Department chair, explains how  math placement works. Review the US Math sequence and learn more about US Math placement. Questions? Contact Dr. Alemayehu.

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Strut Your Stuff

Mr. Owens, Performing Arts Department chair, gives you the run down on options ranging from chorus and band to theatre and film production. Questions? Contact Mr. Owens.

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All Together Now

Mr. Michalopoulos, Humanities Department chair, shares a little bit about the English and history courses that all ninth graders take. Questions? Contact Mr. Michalopoulos.

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