Tuition and Financial Aid

We make every effort to give talented, motivated students the opportunity to receive a Maret education regardless of their ability to pay. To ensure that every qualified candidate is considered, scholarship funding and financial aid decisions are made subsequent to – and separately – from admission decisions.

Tuition & Fees Academic Year 2019 - 2020
Lower School (Kindergarten - Grade 4)

$34,670 includes textbooks and hot lunch

Middle School (Grades 5 - 8)

$37,600 includes hot lunch

Upper School (Grades 9 - 12)

$39,900 includes hot lunch

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Athletics $0 - $800
  • Intensive Study Week (ISW) $0 - $500
  • Textbooks $0 - $500
  • New Student Fee $1,500 (One-time fee. Rate adjusted for financial aid recipients)
  • Special Aid is available for most non-tuition expenses. More information can be found HERE.


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About Financial Aid

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How to Apply for Financial Aid

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Malone Scholars Program

Program Details

Funded by a $2 million endowment grant from the Malone Family Foundation, Malone Scholarships are granted to academically talented students (grades 7-11) whose families need at least 30% tuition assistance in order to afford Maret.

The Malone Scholarship

The Malone Scholarship meets demonstrated financial need and includes funding that may be used for college visits, transportation, online courses, and other enrichment opportunities.

Who Should Apply for a Malone Scholarship

Any top student -- current or new -- entering grades 7-11, who applies for financial aid, will automatically be considered for this private school scholarship.

To qualify, the student’s family must have a demonstrated need of at least 30% tuition assistance in order to afford Maret. Students must be U.S. citizens to be considered for the Malone Scholarship.

Davies Program

Program Details

High school is an exciting time. But for many students, it also presents academic and social challenges that can be difficult to navigate. The Davies Program provides four avenues of comprehensive support for students new to Maret’s Upper School.

Davies Scholars

Davies Scholars are selected from a pool of talented new students in grades 9 and 10 who demonstrate a desire to embrace Maret’s motto: To Learn is to Live. In order to promote a successful transition to Maret, Davies Scholars and their families receive a thorough orientation of all aspects of our upper school. Additionally, to ensure optimal class placement, each Davies Scholar is offered supplemental educational testing and receives priority access to the Davies Programs described below.

Davies Exposure and Enrichment Program (DEEP)

This multi-week summer program introduces incoming 9th grade students to the study skills and habits needed to excel in Maret’s challenging, college-preparatory program. Students work with Maret faculty in small group settings, reviewing concepts in humanities, mathematics, and science. They learn strategies in critical thinking, self-advocacy, and technology to prepare for the coming school year. Davies Scholars receive priority enrollment in DEEP at no charge. All newly enrolling 9th graders are invited and encouraged to attend.

Davies Academic Support Program

Maret’s class schedules include free time for students to work independently or to meet with teachers. Upper School faculty can assist students in managing free time effectively. Teachers are also available to meet with students for additional academic support in WorkSpace, a designated on-campus area where students organize course materials, complete assignments, and study. Some Maret students and their families secure outside tutors to help with remedial work or organizational strategies. Thanks to the Davies Academic Support Program, access to these outside resources is available to Davies Scholars at no cost to the family.

Davies Advisor-Mentor Program

Under the Davies Advisor-Mentor Program, a Maret faculty member serves as an advisor and mentor to Davies Scholars and their families. In addition to meeting with their academic advisors, Davies Scholars attend regular meetings with their Davies mentor to evaluate the students’ success in adapting to Maret’s academic and social life. Current Davies Scholars have the opportunity to become peer mentors to future Davies Scholars who are entering the ninth grade.

Selection Process

Maret’s freshman class is comprised of a strong pool of applicants who come from a range of schools and who offer a variety of talents. During the admission process, the Admission Committee chooses 3- 5 accepted students as Davies Scholars. Priority is given to students who qualify for more than 30% financial aid, who come to Maret from public or parochial schools, and who represent diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Other factors include the student’s potential to enhance the Maret community and parent’s willingness to be active in assisting their child’s successful transition to our school.

Funding for the Program

The Davies Program is made possible by a generous endowment gift to Maret School by Jack Davies, a former trustee of the School and a parent of a Maret graduate. Mr. Davies is a founding investor and member of the board of Venture Philanthropy Partners, which helps build high-performing nonprofits serving low-income youth and families in the National Capital Region. Mr. Davies has been instrumental in working with Maret faculty to create the foundations of the Davies Program.

Joshua T. Bibbs Fund

For Latinx and First-Generation American Students

Maret is proud to announce the Joshua T. Bibbs Fund for Latinx and First-Generation American Students. Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, the Bibbs Fund will provide financial support towards non-tuition expenses for qualifying Latinx and/or first-generation American students. All students enrolled at Maret who identify as Latinx and/or first-generation Americans and who receive a financial aid grant of at least 85% of tuition are eligible for assistance from the Bibbs Fund.

The Joshua T. Bibbs Fund, established by the Garcia Family Spotlight Foundation, seeks to ensure that Latinx and first-generation American students feel a sense of belonging at Maret and have the resources necessary to achieve success.

The Bibbs Fund supports the Maret School Mission to build a community that is both equitable and inclusive and one that values the experiences and contributions of all our students and families.

For questions about the Joshua T. Bibbs Fund, please contact the Director of Financial Aid Bobby Holt at or 202-939-8814.

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