Overview (LS)

The Joy of Learning

A joy of learning permeates Maret’s Lower School. The curriculum inspires students to take risks, think creatively, and work collaboratively. Teachers value their students’ backgrounds and experiences and create a meaningful and dynamic context for learning.

The lower school curriculum is thoughtfully integrated; academic content is sequenced from one grade to the next, and curricular connections are made across subject areas when there is a natural overlap of skills, content, or concepts. Language arts, mathematics, and social studies are taught in the homeroom. Science, Spanish, visual art, music, physical education, library, technology, and wellness classes are taught by specialists in classrooms designed for those subjects.

Lower school students benefit from the full range of Maret’s K–12 campus facilities, including a playground, two libraries (one designated for the Lower School), two fully equipped gymnasiums, a theater, a movement studio, a lower school maker space, and a cafeteria. Teachers take advantage of Maret’s location in Washington, DC, by planning field trips throughout this historically significant and culturally diverse city, as well as to surrounding locations in Maryland and Virginia, to enhance students’ learning experience.

Maret welcomes children with a range of abilities and interests. The small size of the lower school classes helps teachers support children at different stages of development. A lower school learning/reading specialist and a part-time math specialist provide additional support for students and faculty.

Lower School Celebrations and Events

Children develop confidence and deepen connections through the Lower School’s many special events and activities. These include annual traditions, demonstration of academic or artistic achievement, or activities focused on community service. Some celebrations are class-specific while others span several grades or include parents, grandparents, and special friends. Some of our recent lower school special events include:

• Biographical Character Day

• Environmental Spirit Week

• Fictional Character Day

• Fun Run

• Grade 4 Greek Play

• Grade 4 Camping Trip

• Grandparents and Special Friends Day

• Intensive Study Week

• Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

• Pajama Day—A Celebration of Reading

• Publishing Party

• Pumpkin Parade and Eighth Grade Carnival

• ROY G BIV Week

• Science Week

• Winter and End-of-Year Music Performances


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