PE/Athletics Overview (LS)

K–Grade 4 meet four times per week for 30 minutes; whole grade.

Students take part in developmentally appropriate, sequential activities and experiences that contribute to their growth. As children participate, they improve fitness and acquire knowledge, motor skills, social skills, and positive attitudes. They come to value regular physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life.

Kindergartners focus on moving within a provided space and in their own personal space while responding to verbal instructions. Once the students are able to move effectively in their space, equipment is added. Kindness and caring are emphasized in all lessons.

First Grade
Students expand their movement skills to include concepts such as direction, speed, levels, and pathways. Proper form and technique for skills such as throwing, catching, and kicking are introduced. Courtesy and showing appreciation are highlighted.

Second Grade
Students explore movement patterns with a partner to define movement in relation to another person, shape, or group. Response with the entire body occurs in motor movement, both with and without equipment. Self-control and respect for others and equipment are stressed.

Third Grade
Students continue to build and develop both locomotor- and object-control skills as well as an understanding of basic fitness concepts. Sport-specific skills are also introduced with an emphasis on learning and developing the skills rather than playing full-length games. Responsibility, participation and cooperation are underscored.

Fourth Grade
Students review sport-specific skills. Small teams ensure that all students are involved in game play. Basic rules and game strategies are introduced. Encouragement and acceptance of personal differences are emphasized.


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