Technology (LS)

Kindergarten meets every other week for 30 minutes; whole class.
Grades 1 and 2 meet weekly for 30 minutes; whole class.
Grade 3 meets weekly for 40 minutes; whole class.
Grade 4 meets weekly for 45 minutes; half class.

All lower school students participate in dedicated classes taught by the technology faculty. Through second grade, the emphasis is on discovery and exploration of the basic tenets of computer coding, design thinking, creating, and digital citizenship. In third and fourth grades, students continue to develop their coding knowledge and expand their technological skills, using different tools and applications to complement other curricular work.

Kindergartners learn what technology is and how it works. They begin learning basic programmatic concepts using iPad apps to control the actions of robots.

First Grade
First graders focus on how technology works. Children use technology to reinforce classroom concepts and learn programming concepts through iPad apps and devices that can be controlled.

Second Grade
Second graders focus on more complex programming concepts and use those concepts to reinforce classroom instruction. Children learn the basics of 3D printing and explore the idea of having a digital presence.

Third Grade
Students continue to develop their coding skills using both iOS and web-based programs. They also begin to use specific software applications to create and complete digital projects for other classes. Children are introduced to keyboarding.

Fourth Grade
The fourth grade technology curriculum is closely coordinated with the library curriculum, supporting and complementing the students’ language arts and social studies classes. Digital citizenship and the responsible use of technology are emphasized; students receive access to their Google Drive accounts and use the GSuite applications to build their writing and presentation skills. Other topics studied include digital storytelling and stop-motion animation. Students develop more advanced coding skills through online platforms like and through the controlling of miniature robots.


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