Oct. 14 and Transition to Hybrid

Dear Maret Families,

I hope that you found time over the extended Fall Long Weekend to unplug and enjoy a different pace. As always, thank you for your patience as we continue to make plans for more activities on campus. We also appreciate your many helpful suggestions about how we can best serve your children.

Every decision we make starts with considering the health of our own families, as well as the impact of our actions on the wellness of the wider community. Today, in mid-October, we have a better understanding of where risk points might arise—and how to manage and reduce those risks. Even so, we must always remain very conscious of the choices we make, the lessons we continue to learn, and the need to engage in long-term thinking. We are in this for the long haul because the COVID-19 pandemic is actually still new and far from over.

As we bring more students and teachers back to campus, it is critically important for everyone in the Maret community to abide by our Return-to-Campus Pledge and the protocols outlined in the Return-to-School Guide. It is imperative that we all follow these guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of our community. I strongly urge you to take a moment to once again read our health and safety measures and review them with your children to underscore their importance.

I look forward to hosting our next Conversation with Marjo tomorrow, Wednesday, October 14 at 5:00 p.m. I will be joined by Dr. Bruce Gellin, who has been consulting with Maret since March; President of the Board Ian Cameron; and Assistant Head for Curriculum Development Maria Lopez. We will share more details about our health and safety protocols, as well as about the COL-Hybrid plan.

As you know, all grades in the Lower School will be on campus next week. Through the end of October, Grades 5–12 will have the opportunity to participate in on-campus activities. Beginning November 2, we hope to welcome our fifth graders on campus in the morning on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Grades 6–12 will return to campus for classes two days a week, and each grade will be divided in half (basically according to the alphabet ). The first half will come Monday and Tuesday, the second half on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday for Grades 5–12 will be virtual. Siblings will be here on the same days. Implementation of this plan is subject to review and approval by the DC Department of Health.

In anticipation of having all three Divisions on campus, we will conduct comprehensive testing for COVID-19 during the week of October 26. This is mandatory for anyone who plans to return to campus. As soon as possible, we will let you know your child’s assigned testing day and, for those in Grades 6–12, their weekly hybrid schedule.

While testing is not perfect, it will provide us with important baseline data. Privacy and confidentiality will be protected consistent with relevant laws and regulations. If your child receives a positive test result, we will notify you and ask about your contacts within the Maret community. Any close contacts within our community will then be notified.

It is essential that we develop a head count of which students will return to campus for COL-Hybrid instruction and which students instead prefer to continue learning remotely from home (an option that certainly remains available). We also will need to hear from any family that has concerns about transportation to and from campus each day under COL-Hybrid. To those ends, we will be sending you a very important short registration form this Thursday, October 15 and we ask you to promptly complete and submit it no later than noon on Sunday, October 18.

Preparing to bring your children back to campus safely has been a challenging undertaking, and I am thankful to be part of a community of families who want to come back together in a way that is safe for all. I am grateful for the continued efforts of Maret’s amazing faculty and the COVID-19 Steering Committee to create a plan that upholds our school values and keeps what is best for students at the heart of our program.

Until tomorrow evening,



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