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Dear Families,

We are just two weeks into the new school year—although it may feel longer, given all the changes and adjustments due to the continuing pandemic. Thank you for participating in so many Back-to-School events. We hope they provide you with greater insights into our curriculum, as well as the commitment of our teachers to deliver the best education possible. Once all of these events are completed, I will again host Conversations with Marjo starting soon after our fall break (October 8-12).

We are resuming the practice, which we began last spring, of gathering data from students, families, and faculty using periodic surveys. Here is the link to our latest survey. Please take a moment to complete the form; then use the submit button to send us your answers. If you have more than one child at Maret, please complete a survey for each child. The data from your responses helps us to fine-tune what we are doing now. It also gives us important information that supports us in making plans to bring students back to campus more regularly.

We continue to closely monitor COVID-19, including guidance and orders from government officials and advice from medical and public health experts. This remains quite challenging given that we are dealing with multiple jurisdictions and changing trends. Even with those challenges, we continue to work on ways to expand in-classroom opportunities for Maret’s youngest students beyond our present offerings.

Please note that current guidance from the District recommends that all students—including those in Grades 7–12—remain in small cohorts while on campus. This prevents the movement by students to different classes, teachers, and electives outside their specific cohort. As a result, it is close to impossible to offer a full academic program for older students other than virtually.

Our Health & Safety Working Group continues to evaluate new testing technologies. We are monitoring “hybrid” programs operated by some schools outside the Metro DC region that allow half of the school population to be on campus at one time. We get new information every day and continue to bring all our resources to bear on issues related to COVID-19.

Thank you for your patience and your input.



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