A Nation Divided: The Literature of Civil Rights in the Modern US (MSON) (History/Social Science OR Literature Elective; US)

Spring; Grades 11–12
Prerequisite: None
Taught by: St. Andrews Episcopal School
May be taken as a history and social science elective or as a literature elective

The story of equality in America is a tale of achingly slow but steady progress. From the Civil War to the present day, the path toward equal rights has never been direct or secure. This semester course is designed as an interdisciplinary exploration of the quest for civil rights throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as it relates to African Americans, women, Native Americans, Asian Americans, migrant workers, and the LGBTQ community. Special focus will be given to the indelible role that the deep South played in the struggle. Students will work with various texts, including Supreme Court Cases, memoir, essays, poetry, short fiction, and primary source documents. Additionally, students will design and implement their own oral history projects as a culmination to the class.


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