Accelerated US History: History, Culture, and Identity of the United States (Alternative to US History; US)

Linda Johnson

Grades 10–11
Prerequisite: departmental recommendation

In addition to the work outlined in History, Culture, and Identity of the United States, this accelerated course places special emphasis on critical reading, essay writing, and increased primary source analysis in order to engage with each unit’s essential questions. This course uses a greater variety of exercises that ask students to take on historical perspectives, in addition to participating in more active historical simulations. Furthermore, the course makes extensive use of document-based questions as well and other challenging modes of inquiry. Successful students may want to take the AP US History exam; however, the course is not geared specifically to the exam.


Foner, Give Me Liberty, 5th edition 

Foner. Voices of Freedom Volumes 1 and 2, 5th edition 


  • Humanities/Language Arts

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