Autobiographical Ethnographies (Literature Elective; US)

Mari Foret

Fall; Grades 11–12

What is “racial identity development,” and how does it manifest in the United States? How do race and ethnicity play roles in who we know ourselves to be? What are the intersections between race, ethnicity, and our other social identifiers? Students will use autobiography to unpack these questions as they explore the interplay between the writer and the listener as it speaks to how race and ethnicity impact our lives in this country. Topics include multiple identities, colorism, capitalism, mass incarceration, queerness, formations of faith, the silencing of voices, and the body. Students write short responses, give book talks, debate, and complete a final capstone project exploring their own intersectional autobiographical identities.


Bayoumi, How Does it Feel to Be a Problem: Young and Arab in America

Capó Crucet, My Time Among the Whites: Notes from an Unfinished Education

Irving, Waking Up White

Thurston, How to Be Black

Wong, Dear Girls

Various essays, articles, and films

  • Humanities/Language Arts

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