Creative Nonfiction Writing Workshop (MSON) (Literature Elective; US)

Linda Johnson

Spring 2022; Grades 11–12

Taught by: Waynflete School

How do we write great non-fiction (and this includes all flavors of essays – college essays, literary journalism, memoir, and more), so that our stories have an injection of narrative tension that invites the reader to sit down inside our stories and stay awhile? This workshop will help you become a better writer so that your stories contain an electrical charge that starts at the sentence level and travels through the entire piece. This tension, or electrical charge, is the engine that great non- fiction runs on. Students will search the places in one’s life that have mattered most, and using a series of fun writing prompts, generate new writing, using place as a portal to help land on the life stories that students’ most want to tell.

Later, the class will move into class workshops of each student’s work. Each session will also look at other specific craft aspects: primarily beginnings, endings, and the weaving of multiple story lines in one essay. This is an ideal course for juniors beginning to think about ideas and drafts of their personal essay for college. 

  • Humanities/Language Arts

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