English 9: Literature of Our Multicentric World (Required; US)

English 9: Literature of Our Multicentric World

Students read, discuss, and write about literature from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries to enjoy the diversity of human experience and to understand the literary techniques that animate them: setting, characterization, point of view, motif, theme, symbolism, and the elements of style. Students refine their critical reading abilities by learning to value and analyze textual patterns and writers’ decisions about language. They advance their writing skills, focusing on clear organizational structure, effective use of evidence in analytical writing, and powerful stylistic choices infused with their own emerging voices. They also learn to appreciate the craft of writing through creative pieces inspired by the texts they read. Students develop the interpersonal skills necessary for effective classroom discussion, debate, and performance.

Danticat, Dewbreaker
Noah, Born a Crime
Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet
Short Stories by Hughes, Cisneros, Kingston,
Patel, Al-Shaykh

Students choose one of the following:
Adichie, Purple Hibiscus
Esquivel, Like Water for Chocolate
Ghaffari, To Keep The Sun Alive
Ng, Everything I Never Told You

Summer Reading: 
Students choose two novels from a broad list of classic and contemporary works.


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