Etymology of Scientific Terms (MSON) (Literature Elective; US)

Fall; Grades 11–12
Prerequisite: None
Taught by: Winchester Thurston School

The purpose of the course is, to quote the textbook, “By teaching . . . the root elements of medical terminology—the prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms of Greek and Latin . . . not only to teach students modern medical terminology, but to give them the ability to decipher the evolving language of medicine throughout their careers.” This is in many ways a language course and deals with elements that are used to create terms to meet the specific needs of medical scientists. As material is introduced, students will complete practice exercises during each class meeting, as well as complete approximately one quiz per week. Outside of class, students are expected to analyze and define fifty terms each week. Additional material deals with complex etymologies, the history of our understanding of certain aspects of medical science, and relevant material from Greek and Latin texts.


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